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"Ali autographed it with his shaking hand, and as a passionate boxing and sports fan my dream was fulfilled," said Scime.
1 boxer in the world rewarded me with a big smile after seeing what I had handed him: An autographed picture of his No.
Imler added that later in life Ali did a lot of commercial signings and that the basement price for an authenticated autograph is likely a few hundred bucks. From that floor, prices shift based on the rarity of the item, the size of the collectible and a host of other variables - SCP, for instance, once sold an autographed Ali item for as high as $20,000. 
Book retailer Books-A-Million (Nasdaq:BAMM) announced on Thursday that it has increased its collection of autographed editions to include over 100,000 copies from 250 authors.
In addition, it is common for collectors to limit their focus to certain types of autographed items.
The other day, we received a notice that an "Autographed Alabama Game Football" was available.
"Autographed photos of actors and actresses, singers and even politicians are waiting to be seen and owned," said the owner and CEO of the gallery, Ghada Kunash.
And a trawl of ebay last night produced just two signed shirts from the 2008-09 season, one autographed by Luke Moore and the other by Marc Fortune.
In 2003, the last copy autographed by Lennon before he was killed by Mark Chapman was sold for $525,000, becoming the most valuable record ever.
Items up for grabs include a drum head autographed by Ozzy and his band, drumsticks autographed by Mike Bordin, lithographs and CDs signed by Ozzy, an autographed copy of Sharon Osbourne's soon-to-be-released book, and numerous autographed items from The Boston Red Sox, The New England Patriots, The Boston Celtics, The Boston Bruins, The Worcester Tornadoes, The Worcester Sharks and The New England Surge.
Visiting Tampa Bay players brought along team pennants for all the patients and autographed footballs for some severely wounded Iraq War veterans being treated at the Tampa VA Polytrauma Center.
"I recently bought a beautiful framed photograph autographed by Ronnie Biggs, for example," he said.
The long-standing fan from Middlesbrough just doesn't collect any old autographs, but collects autographed photos.
Have you ever wondered how easy it is to get an autographed picture of your favourite star?
Sir Alex Ferguson and his Manchester United players have been called in to help crack a suspected internet auction scam involving fake autographed shirts.