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tissue that is taken from one site and grafted to another site on the same person


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For the first time, surgeons can have an allograft with strength qualities equivalent to an autograft that is also truly sterile.
The ability to accurately determine preoperative sizes of hamstring autografts prior to surgery can be of great benefit to surgeons and patients.
Although Ross procedure, a method for pulmonary autograft replacement of the aortic valve, had been first described in 1967, it had not been frequently applied till 1997 when long-term success reports were published (1).
Finally, considering that bone autografts require so much operating-room time to prepare, the choice of ready-to-use titanium implants may prove to be no less cost-effective.
In a study of 40 patients with pulmonary autografts and 40 with mechanical valves; the former group reported higher scores on measures of psychological health, physical functioning, physical pain,, and their general perception of their health status.
Enrollment of all 20 subjects is now complete and 19 of 20 patients avoided the need for painful autograft surgery and regrafting at their StrataGraft-treated sites.
Ultimately, the question of preference of pulmonary autografts over mechanical prostheses in adolescents winds down to choice of complications of the one therapy over the other and must be based on preferred life style by the individual patient and family.
2) Applications of osteochondral autografts, fresh osteochondral allograft, periosteal arthroplasty, perichondrial arthroplasty, and chondrocyte transplantation with or without biodegradeable materials promote the development of the repair tissue resembling hyaline cartilage.
Using OsteoCleanse(TM), the resultant autografts are placed in a custom container, shipped to LifeNet Health, disinfected, labeled, and stored until re-implantation.
This data was obtained as part of a multicenter clinical trial to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of CCS to treat deep second degree burns in comparison with conventional split thickness autografts.
Current surgical treatment of RDEB is limited to autografts, which require surgical transplantation of unblistered skin taken from other areas of the patient's own body.
Given the current climate, physicians and patients are being forced to choose alternative procedures such as autografts, even if it means higher complication rates and longer recovery times.
In this preclinical study, Dermagraft-TC and cadaver tissue will be placed on chemical wounds for a period of two weeks, followed by autografts over the sites.
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--December 15, 1998--(NASDAQ: Small Cap: ORTC) The current edition of the The British Journal of Plastic Surgery published the results of 28 operations using Ortec's Composite Cultured Skin (CCS) as a total or partial substitute for autografts (patient's own skin) in donor site wounds and as a replacement for skin removed during hand reconstruction in Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) patients.