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originating within the body

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Fennis et al performed a study on goats in which they resected the angle of the mandible and removed the marrow from the resected segment to form an autogenous bone tray.
Friedlander and colleagues reported their results in a prospective multi-center study comparing the use of autogenous iliac crest bone grafting to rhOP-1 in conjunction with a reamed intramedullary nail for treatment of tibial diaphyseal nonunions.
Autogenous vaccine was administered @ 5 ml, subcutaneously and was revaccinated at 7 day intervals for four weeks.
Autogenous blood injection in glenoid fossa with intermaxillary fixation for 15 days is asafe and effective treatment in cases of recurrent dislocation of TMJ.
Thirdly, distraction osteogenesis creates a vital bone of excellent quality for the placement of implants, which is not always the case with autogenous or allogeneic bone grafting.
Collagen-calcium phosphate composites have been in use for over a decade and have demonstrated clinical usefulness equivalent to autogenous graft in reconstruction of fractures and bone defects.
Series 1025 Autogenous / anvil yes 32,000 1--4 hours
However, some drawbacks such as increased surgical time, complications at the collection site, local embrittlement, and a limited amount of bone graft collected, are associated with the use of autogenous bone grafts, despite this method being considered the best to date (KRAUS & BAYER, 2012).
Objective: To assess the mean change in interpalpebral fissure height and marginal reflex distance after brow suspension with autogenous fascia lata sling in patients of ptosis.
It is implanted from the anterior approach at the C3 to C-7 disc levels and is designed to be packed with autogenous bone graft to help facilitate fusion while providing mechanical support to the implanted level until biologic fusion is achieved.
Boyne and James proposed placing autogenous marrow and cancellous bone from the iliac crest into the pneumatized maxillary sinus to increase the amount of bone available for implant placement.
In 5(17%) patients reversed autogenous venous graft was applied, and in 9(30%) patients end to end anastomosis/lateral repair was done.