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originating within the body

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Collagen-calcium phosphate composites have been in use for over a decade and have demonstrated clinical usefulness equivalent to autogenous graft in reconstruction of fractures and bone defects.
INFUSE([R]) Bone Graft was shown to have very similar rates of effectiveness to autogenous bone graft, the standard of care, for sinus lifts, which is a common dental surgical procedure.
10 - delivery system for obtaining autogenous growth factors from venous blood
SM ]technology has been granted an autogenous license.
The study demonstrated that TVA Medical's vascular catheter-based FLEX System can create autogenous arterio-venous fistulas (AV fistulas) for hemodialysis patients with 94% procedural success.
INFUSE[R] Bone Graft offers surgeons and their patients an alternative to autogenous bone grafting; eliminating the need to surgically harvest bone from other parts of the patient such as the shin, hip or chin.
Alderon Iron Ore Corporation has ordered for the autogenous (AG) and ball mills for its Kami Project in Canada's premier iron ore district surrounded by four producing iron ore mines.
There have been numerous advancements in the field of biologics: inductive proteins, conductive substrates, and stem cell use have become clinically available as substitutes for autogenous bone grafts.
The National Structural Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC) invites tenders for a high power, large chamber, electron beam (EB) welding and processing machine to continue research and development into the benefits of high integrity, heavy section and low distortion autogenous welding and related processes.
The BODY LIFT Flap (SM)technique is a reliable, safe, innovative, albeit technically demanding solution for patients seeking bilateral autogenous breast reconstruction with otherwise inadequate abdominal or gluteal fatty donor sites," states Dr.
Boliden's (STO:BOL) (TSX:BOL) Board of Directors has resolved to invest SEK 250 million in a new autogenous grinding mill at the company's Tara Mine in Ireland.
The TM-S Cervical Fusion Device is intended for use with supplemental fixation systems and with autogenous bone graft.
Vacci-Vet is a firm in the pre-commercialization stage that will specialize in the design, manufacturing and marketing of anaerobic-style autogenous animal toxoids and vaccines.
This feature is a supplement to the landmark October 2008 JBJS publication focusing on ETEX nanocrystalline calcium phosphate technology entitled: Comparison of Autogenous Bone Graft and Endothermic Calcium Phosphate Cement for Defect Augmentation in Tibial Plateau Fractures.