autogenic training

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training patients in self-induced relaxation

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In my yoga and relaxation classes I teach a combination of autogenic training and yoga nidra, combining the wisdom of traditional practices and emphasis on awareness with the modern scientific and medical findings on the profound effects of the hypnotic trance states being currently taught with neurolinquistic programming.
The dissolution of stress, in all its myriad physical and psychological manifestations, is the primordial indication for the practice of autogenic training and Tummo Meditation.
The purpose of this study was threefold: 1) to identify which semester of an upper-division baccalaureate nursing program is associated with the highest test anxiety; 2) using participants from that semester, to determine if an intervention including diaphragmatic breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and autogenic training assists students control their physiological responses; and 3) to determine if relaxation training decreases test anxiety.
Present conditions and problems of applying autogenic training to promote mental health in the workplace.
Effects of autogenic training in elderly patients [article in German].
His work provided the inspiration for Johannes Schultz, a Berlin psychiatrist and neurologist to investigate the therapeutic potential of auto-hypnosis exercises from which autogenic training emerged.
Also fascinating were sessions on nontraditional methods of healing as practiced in the Middle East, Far East and Brazil, and descriptions of psychotherapy and autogenic training in Japan.
Relaxation training: utilizes biofeedback, progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training and guided imagery to achieve a state of relaxation incompatible with insomnia.
Relaxation is also learned in yoga, meditation and, very effectively, in autogenic training classes.
Also, more than 50% of the sample reported "never" using autohypnosis, autogenic training, blank meditation, bracing, color, cue words, mantra meditation, and Transcendental Meditation (C).
Anyone who leads a healthful life, whose bed is in a neutral location, and who restores or maintains psychoenergetic harmony (by means of Psychosomatic Energetics, autogenic training, yoga, and similar techniques) will not as a rule be much affected by electrosmog, as long as it does not exceed a certain intensity and quality of disturbance.