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originating within the body


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Added to the mission of self-discovery and self-actualization that psychotherapy embodies, techniques such as hypnosis, and its autoadministered modification, self-hypnosis, yoga, meditative disciplines in their various forms, and autogenic training can be utilized to activate the push to coveted personal change.
whether it is embodied in specific information-bearing molecules (as in DNA) or merely in the molecular interaction constraints of a simple autogenic process, information is ultimately constituted by preserved constraints, (pp.
Canopy gaps on SR consisted only of autogenic treefall gaps.
Autogenic succession of steppe vegetation in postantique landscapes.
Autogenic training to reduce anxiety in nursing students: Randomized controlled trial.
Other techniques reported to be used in combination with PEP therapy as specified by respondents included: Autogenic Drainage (n=1), cough assist machine (n=1), Flutter (n=1), incentive spirometry (n=1), increase fitness (n=2), manual cough assist (n=1), suction (n=1).
In addition, in the first stages of revegetation the species pool in the neighbouring communities is surely very important, but in the course of succession, when some vegetation has already formed, the autogenic modification of growth conditions becomes more important.
Autogenic EMG-controlled functional electrical stimulation for ankle dorsiflexion control.
Autogenic training; a mind-body approach to the treatment of chronic pain syndrome and stress-related disorders.
Besides stretching exercises and progressive muscle relaxation, several other effective acute stress management techniques for alleviating stress have been identified as breathing exercises, meditation, mindfulness, autogenic training, imagery, and visualization (Smith, 2007).
Course content includes the benefits of regular meditation, simple relaxation exercises, binaural beats and brainwaves, autogenic training & progressive relaxation, as well as a reading list and links to research on meditation.
Outside of generation and therefore debarred from reproducing the line in time and history, the woman poet is isolated, displaced, disconnected from the past, aberrant in the present, incapable of an autogenic begetting of the future.
The theory of autogenic and reciprocal inhibition has been used to explain the larger range of motion gained by PNF when compared to other methods (Chalmers, 2004) and has been reported elsewhere as the probable reason for the decrease in endurance, as this is somehow associated to the decrease in force (Franco et al.