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a hypothetical organic phenomenon by which living organisms are created from nonliving matter

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95), ancient Mesopotamians distinguished a Vorwelt in which autogenesis was the rule from a Jetztwelt in which, as we know, mankind reproduces by sexual generation.
Although Welty barely mentions Light in August in her cautiously respectful reviews of her fellow Mississippian's work, or in any of her comments on Faulkner in her many published interviews, one is tempted to read her William Wallace as a direct descendent of Byron Bunch, for Byron anticipates not only Welty's characteristic comic register but also her effort to use comedy to refigure the misogynistic and doomed masculinity--centered, in Faulkner as in Hemingway, on male fantasies of autogenesis dependent on pathologized constructions of the female body--explored so exhaustively by the male modernists.
In stressing the author's receptivity with respect to textual autogenesis Clark's objective seems to be to salvage the concept of inspiration by reinterpreting it within a post-metaphysical, indeed post-humanistic framework, relinquishing every notion of an occult, transcendent or transcendental source.
98) From the perspective of this framework, the space-time continuum is not a random phenomenon of cosmic autogenesis but the creation of God.
In fact, BioItza leaders sought to highlight the authenticity or autogenesis of their discourses and practices to distance themselves from the group of scholars active in San Jose.
The recognition of these fundamental features makes it difficult to apply here the concept of climax, considered traditionally as the presumed result of autogenesis within a stable physical environment.
When all of the political parties as well as the dominant "coalition" labor union have become national institutions and when the political expression of opposition parties has been stifled, the question arises regarding the level at which the autogenesis of a new, popular political culture created at the hands of citizens will constitute a counter force to the reigning "theater state" orientation.
The denial of the human role in creating the statue and the claim of autogenesis reach their height, perhaps, in two texts of Sennacherib.
God is story, plot, and narrative of his own autogenesis, exemplified in the theologoumenon of the Trinity.
Autogenesis -- Now in production, this biomedical technology breakthrough was invented in Russia and enhanced with microchip technology in Alaska.