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characterized by or fit for autogamy

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In autogamous crops with a physical mechanism promoting self-pollination (Lactuca, Lycopersicon modern cultivars), simple emasculation can be used prior to artificial hybridization.
Discussion and conclusions: Although our results found a low genetic diversity of Tillandsia recurvata, these do not support the idea that it is an autogamous species, as it was suggested by Soltis et al.
Kaufman lore plays out like an autogamous self-pollinating men's club.
Tomato plants are both self-fruitful and autogamous.
Our basic methodology is as previously described in which autogamous cells are collected by centrifugation and resuspended in a simple buffer.
of considerable heterozygosity in allozyme surveys of autogamous natural
and pollination modes (trochilophilous, chiropterophilous, entomophilous, autogamous, unspecific), is particularly well suited for studying the relationship of such species attributes to range size.