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emitting light via self-induced fluorescence

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At high magnification on MPM, we could appreciate clusters and nests of autofluorescent urothelial carcinoma cells (coded green; Figure 3, E and F, areas marked as a) infiltrating the SHG-signal-rich collagen bundles (coded red; Figure 3, E and F, areas marked as b) within the lamina propria.
We then identified a compound as autofluorescent if it showed activation in > 10 of 20 agonist-mode assay readouts (counting both the 530-nm and 460-nm readouts separately) or if it showed activation in the 460-nm readout in more than four agonist-mode assays and was identified as fluorescent (activity > 10% fluorescent control compound) at 460 nm in the autofluorescence spectra scans (Simeonov et al.
Jacobs said, autofluorescent diagnostic ductoscopy would combine very well with interventional ductoscopy.
In this work, we demonstrate the implementation of a novel excitation-scanning hyperspectral imaging microscope and compare the new system to an emission-scanning hyperspectral microscope using detection of GFP in highly autofluorescent lung tissue.
A common pathological feature of all NCLs is the intracellular accumulation of an autofluorescent material resembling ceroid or lipofuscin.
At the cellular level, the NCLs are characterized by accumulation of autofluorescent storage material in lysosome-like organelles in neurons and other cell types.
Additionally, autofluorescent background is significantly diminished in this spectral region, particularly when excitation is in the blue or UV range.
a world leader in diagnostic and operative endoscope technology, announces it will formally launch the new D-Light Autofluorescent (AF) Bronchoscopy System at the opening session of the 99th International Conference of the American Thoracic Society (ATS) in Seattle.
Alvarez, "Hyperspectral imaging microscopy for identification and quantitative analysis of fluorescently-labeled cells in highly autofluorescent tissue," J.
Additionally, patients who had any macular autofluorescent abnormality demonstrated by 45 degree fundus autoflorescence imaging and/or any central or paracentral scotoma in central visual field testing were excluded.
The label-free technologies are used for studying biomolecular interactions and eliminate the confounding effects of spatial interference, autofluorescent or quenching associated with use of labels.
Secondly, bacterial bioreporters producing autofluorescent proteins in response to chemical exposure will enable direct detection of alkanes or PAHs from oil, heavy metals, or antibiotics, and can further assess the general toxicity of the water sample.
Pseudoreticulocytosis in a patient with hemoglobin Koln due to autofluorescent erythrocytes enumerated as reticulocytes by the Cell-Dyn 4000.
A facile method for immunofluorescence microscopy of highly autofluorescent human retinal sections using nanoparticles with large Stokes shifts.