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lysis of plant or animal tissue by an internal process

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Schmid-Schonbein was awarded the 2008 Landis Award for this discovery, termed Autodigestion.
0, quality factor threshold: 50, and internal calibration: trypsin autodigestion peptides (trypsin_[108-115], [MH.
Accumulation of gastric juice and pepsin which involves in the autodigestion of gastric mucosa is implicated in ulcer incidence in PL model (30).
Such a diet not only provides wide spectrum composition of food but also because of its autodigestion characteristics, facilitates a better assimilation in larvae.
1) The pathophysiology is proposed to be autodigestion of the peripancreatic arterial wall secondary to released proteolytic enzymes or erosion of a pseudocyst into the artery and conversion of its cavity into a pseudoaneurysm.
It is evident from the above that alcohol exerts constant and toxic effects on different cellular compartments in the pancreas, predisposing the gland to autodigestion, necroinflammation, and fibrosis.