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lysis of plant or animal tissue by an internal process

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Pancreatitis is the inflammation and autodigestion of the pancreas in which pancreatic enzymes destroy the tissues of the pancreas itself and leads to inflammation which may be sudden (acute) or ongoing (chronic); in addition, there are also hereditary (genetic) forms of pancreatitis.
When these mechanisms are unable to contain the hyperstimulation of the pancreas, activation of enzymes within the gland leads to its autodigestion and triggers an inflammatory response mediated by interleukins and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-[alpha]).
Acute pancreatitis is a clinical entity that is believed to have intracellular activation of digestive enzymes and autodigestion of the pancreas as its central pathophysiologic cause [1, 2].
The mucosa of the stomach is covered by a thin surface mucus layer serving, in conjunction with bicarbonate-secreting surface epithelial cells and local prostaglandin production, as a protective barrier against autodigestion and noxious agents.
Spectra were calibrated with trypsin autodigestion Ion peak m/z (842.
Asi, existe un proceso de autodigestion del tejido pancreatico generando un proceso inflamatorio asociado a necrosis tisular.
This process leads to autodigestion and inflammation.
0, quality factor threshold: 50, and internal calibration: trypsin autodigestion peptides (trypsin_[108-115], [MH.