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a person who has taught himself

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The elected leadership of the Socialist Party--Lefeaux, Ernest Winch, and the like--who viewed themselves as guarding the gates of the CCF against liberalism "were self-righteous to the point of arrogance and intolerance," while their emphasis on education, building on deep autodidactic roots among both the labour and radical movements, was seen as a "fetish" designed to "preserve the elitist character of the socialist movement in British Columbia.
Still, Holovnia's expertise in playing, repairing and building bass violins stands as a remarkable autodidactic achievement.
International Education Franchise, not typical tutoring; this is teaching children how to learn by developing autodidactic skills.
Ibn Tufail's novel tells the story of an autodidactic feral child, raised by a gazelle and living alone on a desert island in the Indian Ocean.
What we see on the horizon is the continued growth of online education opportunities, this questioning the relevance of brick-and-mortar campuses, the demands of technology on an aging professoriate, the growth of free online education, the decline of the linear physical textbook, and a new breed of student who now resists traditional modes of education in favor of an autodidactic approach.
Neutra, born in Vienna, Austria, was a generation younger than Wright and arguably possessed less of Wright's autodidactic character.
This user-friendly text can and should be used by instructors and learners alike as a classroom text, or an autodidactic aid.
Trusting in spiritual discernment but using human rationality and autodidactic initiative, evangelicals found correspondences between special (scriptural) and general (natural) revelation that were understood as indicative of how Providence was operating within the natural world, human history, and individual life.
The motive behind Puritan autobiographies was often both didactic and autodidactic, as Owen Watkins argues: "the autobiographer had in addition involved his present self in the task of looking at his past self; he tried to re-create his experiences so as to convey both the impact they had on him at the time and their meaning in the light of subsequent experience and knowledge" (Watkins 237).
Jose Del Rosario is an autodidactic failure who blames his faux pas
To the author Angell was both 'the established public intellectual' and the 'opinionated autodidactic chancer', a 'natural propagandist'.
In his new book, September University: Summoning Passion for an Unfinished Life, published by Autodidactic Press, Hayes predicts that, armed with the power of today's technology, motivated boomers who choose activism in their senior years can set off another revolutionary change, just as they did in the 1960s.
But, as Tony Trigilio notes, until his travels to India in 1962-63, Ginsberg's "Buddhist practice was autodidactic and, as such, was eccentric and erratic" (Trigilio xii; claim repeated on 102).
Vernon, Washington proved himself an outstanding alumnus of this autodidactic academy of moral instruction through his consistent display of grace and leadership.
Robert Walser's early (1907) novel The Tanners concerns the autodidactic rebel Simon Tanner and his family.
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