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a person who has taught himself

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That he had, largely through autodidactic reading rather than through his formal--and, one gathers from Dr.
The self-delusion of each autodidactic character and their yearning to be loved seem to blend with the motifs of the seasons, especially with the purity of human emotions and the surprise of snow accumulating.
Miller's autodidactic attempts to include the furthest reaches of knowledge was mirrored in his raids on libraries as he moved between associations, consuming fragmentary idea after fragmentary idea:
Holly Aitchison is an autodidactic artist who lives and works in Dunedin teaching art to people with special needs.
In his raffish, autodidactic nonage Lambert had mysteriously acquired a prose style that blended Macaulayan confidence with Nietzschean spite--"the loudspeaker is the streetwalker of music" counts as one of his tamer epigrams.
He respected, for instance, the autodidactic habits and idiosyncratic modes of study I had acquired when I was an undergraduate student with small children.
The multilingual skills of Peralta are all the more impressive in that they are the result of an autodidactic endeavor.
As a complement to K-12 presentations, the Foundation provides staff with instructional tools for teachers with autodidactic, hands-on activities developed by Junior Achievement (7th through 10th grades, global) and the Academy of Model Aeronautics (5th through 8th grades, global).
Malcolm X brought this autodidactic erudition into the discourse on American racism.
Instead, this theory represented only a starting point for the participants who quickly recognised that effective teaching depends upon a variety of exemplars beyond that initial model and built self-learning strategies that ranged from highly formal and accredited qualifications to informal autodidactic practices.
Indeed, his autodidactic reading ranged widely from Plato to Nietzsche, Sophocles to Browning, and Darwin to Einstein.
The "several Books," his stage props, are at once symbolic of, and coextensive with, the mental world this bookish lecturer inhabits--has inhabited from a prodigiously young age, Coleridge occasionally reminded his contemporaries--as he takes up "two or three of them silently," enacting before his audience the autodidactic process by which he achieved the authority he has assumed in lecturing to them on his specialized topic.
She is currently making her first autodidactic attempts at writing words and reading.
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