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a person who has taught himself

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Labour socialists, Naylor insists, not only formed the CCF'S "activist core," (8) but were influential--even at times, hegemonic--organic intellectuals (in a fairly typical intervention, he admonishes one political scientist for suggesting that the LSR gave the Manitoba CCF "intellectual content and leadership," a notion, he points out, that would have "appalled" (95) the working-class autodidacts of the Winnipeg Independent Labour Party).
Juan Diego, an autodidact, teaches himself to read in Spanish and English.
A fervent autodidact, Hall never stopped learning, reading widely late at night.
Truman had only recently assumed the reins of power in America and was untried in crisis, though he was an autodidact and aggressive reader.
Soon after, he presented his collection to an audience of women, who were won over by the talent of the autodidact designer.
Thus the story begins with a young Andrew Marshall, an autodidact, reading widely and voraciously in Detroit.
Lumumba was an outlier, an autodidact whose formal education stopped at fifth grade but whose knowledge base was equivalent to a good university education.
Reynolds was a polymath and autodidact, a man of diverse and intense interests including bird watching, philosophy and linguistics, all of which were employed in some way in his work.
Kotkin paints a portrait of an autodidact, an astute thinker, 'a people person' with 'surpassing organizational abilities; a mammoth appetite for work; a strategic mind and an unscrupulousness that recalled his master teacher, Lenin.
ASHISH THAKKAR 33 UGANDA Chief Executive Officer Autodidact.
A go-getting autodidact, Vidal earned enough money to live independently before reaching middle age -- despite the boycotting of his racy, bestselling novels by a major book reviewer at The New York Times.
Like Andres Bonifacio, he was a self-made man, an autodidact who transcended poverty by working hard, struggling to get an education.
You can be an autodidact, a MOOC-addict or at least a casual reader in these other fields.
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