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a device that displays words for people to read


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Autocue, formed in 1955 and a provider of a broad range of teleprompting hardware and software products, will add Vitec Videocom's portfolio of products for the broadcast, professional videography, corporate and public sectors.
Her boyfriend, Vince, who had been standing with the camera crew and autocue, then appeared on set and went down on one knee to pop the question.
I made that gesture with my finger to signal to them to raise the autocue.
Australia's Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) has chosen Quinto Communications and Autocue to supply four of the new Autocue 17-inch Master prompting systems for its studio-prompting requirements.
Film from helicopters and cameras on the ground was replayed time and time again with breathless commentary from presenters whose emphasis owes everything to a jerky autocue.
30am - even if we had some major personalities reading the autocue.
One of us is a multi-talented singer and musician who can hold an audience in the palm of her hand - one reads autocue.
Poor Brucie was struggling with the autocue and the panel was tedious.
Autocue, who dead-heated on his debut at Newmarket last month, took the eye in a group that included Conduit and Drum Major.
The Pathfire DMG server becomes more efficient when integrated with the Autocue Q-Smart Newsroom Computer System, which ASU also recently installed.
I would love to know what they did for autocue back then.
It's been suggested anyone can do the job because the jokes are scripted and he reads his quips from an autocue, but anyone who has ever worked in television will tell you the more gifted the presenter, the easier they make it look.
Then, just to really see how they cope under pressure, stop the autocue so they have to ad-lib their way through the link
A few hours before TeleNoticias went on the air, London's first 24-hour cable news operation, Channel One, went live, also with an all- NewsMaker newsroom, installed by NewsMaker's European distributor, Autocue.
I mean, that autocue game they played on Saturday's show was such a brilliant carbon copy of the autocue game on BBC1's That Puppet Game Show two years ago, I could hardly see the joins.