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a device that displays words for people to read


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Like everyone around me, I'd be examining the significance of every word uttered on or off autocue by our political leaders, eyeing my colleagues nervously to see if they had been told something I hadn't.
He said: "The stuff about the autocue came from Craig Revel Horwood but he denies he said this.
Newsreaders newsreading are conceited and overpaid, but when they step away from the autocue, uh-oh.
BRIAN Cowen's autocue accident at the White House has grabbed him headlines all over the world.
Lisa Tarbuck on the other hand has brains, she's funny, she's a character, and she can read an autocue without sounding like an illiterate five-year-old.
THE Taoiseach gave Barack Obama a fit of the giggles after an autocue mishap at the White House.
Despite her autocue clanger, Geri was relaxed and good fun on another excellent show.
This dopey galoot who hosted Crufts had patently never read an autocue before.
AT 106, Bruce Forsyth is still light on his feet, if a trifle hard on the autocue.
CAN'T really see why everyone is getting at "Spangles" Kaplinsky and her one million wages for reading an autocue more or less accurately on channel Five.
For starters, Sharon can't read autocue. She can't interview.
He reads the autocue like Norman Collier doing a Jimmy Cricket impression.
Former foreign correspondent Mark, 49, told the Radio Times they just read off the autocue. He added: "I think the viewer wants to believe you know something about what you're saying.
Clegg, 40, made his campaign pitch without an autocue - just like Cameron's recent conference speech.
Cue Angus Deayton sneering at ITV Wrestling (more entertaining than he'll ever be) and Mel Sykes (greatest talent, autocue reading) expounding her views on brilliant Benny Hill.