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a meet at which riders and horses display a range of skills and aptitudes

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Some top competitors from the European Autocross Championship took part in the FIA-backed event, which saw drivers compete on the Umm Al Quwain venue's 1,100-metre sandy track.
Ahmed was the only one with any sort of racA[degrees] ing experience among the top three winners in the gymkhana event, having competed in autocross events in the UAE and Egypt some years ago, which Mohammed did not know about until this interview, prompting some friendly jibes.
The two competitive autocross racers are planning to get married sometime next year.
There were demonstrations of rally cars, autocross cars and rallycross cars at the Team Valley Trading Estate in Gateshead.
in a Kuwaiti autocross race that will kick off at Kuwait Motor Sports Club on
The supporting activities will include action with motorcycles, ATV, off-road vehicles, autocross buggies, a series of demonstration races for random people from the audience, as well as for VIPs.
And among his duties was to present Kelly with the BWRDC Rallycross/ Autocross Championship Trophy and the Barbara EF Bird Memorial Trophy -a new award for the top junior racer.
Plus, highlights of the Rallycross Open Series and an explanation of how to build an Autocross car.
BRITISH Autocross champion Michael Henderson fears he may be a marked man when the highoctane sport's North East Championship gets under way in Morpeth tomorrow.
Combining techniques from autocross, rally and road racing, drifting is taking the UK by storm.
Our group set out for three large, engaging courses: an autocross with cones and curves; a dampened figure-eight track where we were pushed to take the curves at the highest speeds: and the skid pad, a winding wet track with a rapid sprinkler system.
When the rally cars aren't racing, spectators can check out vendor displays, an auto show, an autocross open to the public and a demonstration of ``drifting'' - maneuvering cars in power slides judged for style.
Take a person like Mike with a passion for life, a sense of humor about himself and the things that transpire around him, then add a willingness to pitch in when it's needed and a clear compassion for others, and you have a recipe for success," says Fritz Kloepfel, a fellow autocross enthusiast.
The Ethernet product includes AutoCross and Link Pass Through, while the Fast Ethernet product includes Auto-Negotiation, AutoCross, Link Pass Through, Far End Fault (FEF) and Pause.
Feature enhancements include the addition of autocross, which eliminates the user intervention needed to choose the correct MDI/MDI-X button setting for the installation.