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in an overbearingly domineering manner

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Summary: Although born and raised in Kafr Meselha, a poor villages in el-Menoufia Governorate, Hosni Mubarak, overthrown in a popular revolt last year after ruling autocratically for 30 years, showed little interest in his village, even before he took office as President in 1981 after Sadat's assassination, according to other villagers.
Occasionally I will make suggestions related to voicing or ensemble issues, but it is otherwise not an autocratically run band.
The Student Government president, intellectually and morally younger than her 22 or so years, autocratically decided after the invitation had been accepted that "Mr.
Former Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi came to power in 1969 and ruled autocratically for more than four decades, until he was toppled and killed last year.
They continue to do it, albeit no longer as blatantly, autocratically deciding what constitutes democratic principles and what does not.
Both Bashar al-Assad and his father I la fez have autocratically presided over a state antagonistic toward its neighbors and at times brutally repressive of its citizens.
Addressing a press conference along with colleagues at cafeteria of Punjab Assembly Raja Riaz said, "Flirty Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has no time to listen rather he is busy in marriages, his autocratically thinking style and bad governance have ruined the province.
The author rightfully says that although Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak claimed to restore authority to the people, they ruled as autocratically as their predecessors.
The State has arrogantly and autocratically cast aside centuries of rich brewing tradition by taking it upon itself to redefine terms that reference flavor and production method as a simple shorthand for alcoholic strength.
The other alternative of course is to continue giving lip service to 'democratic transformation' while in reality operating autocratically which is not without a price.
The Islah Party and the Yemeni Socialist Party communicate and discuss autocratically with the regime and other concerned parties, in an attempt to resolve Yemen's crisis whilst ignoring the other four [JMP member] parties," said Zaid.
The army said violence at the protest was caused by elements "that backed the counter-revolution" - an apparent reference to those loyal to Mubarak, who ruled autocratically for 30 years.
Pashas, khedives, sultans, kings, colonial proconsuls, colonels, and generals have taken turns ruling it autocratically and ruthlessly.
Prime Minister Yanukovych, elected a year ago, favours Moscow and Russia in foreign policy and religion and recently autocratically moved three parishes from the Ukrainian Orthodox to the Moscow Patriarchate, in the old Russian style of treating the Orthodox Church as a Department of State (CNS, "Step forward for Catholic-Orthodox relations?
I have always been a man of quick decision in business matters, not autocratically but I certainly don't hang about when trouble is brewing, as it clearly was.