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Synonyms for autocracy

Synonyms for autocracy

a government in which a single leader or party exercises absolute control over all citizens and every aspect of their lives

a political doctrine advocating the principle of absolute rule

absolute power, especially when exercised unjustly or cruelly

Synonyms for autocracy

a political theory favoring unlimited authority by a single individual

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China is an autocracy, while Russia is an anocracy, according to Polity IV.
The question, however, is how far the government can go without risking the legitimacy cloaked in religion of the Al Saud's autocracy provided by establishment ulema and/or the credibility of a clergy that is being asked to further compromise on fundamental tenants of its belief.
Democracy requires stability and does not automatically replace autocracy
The notion that autocracy staged itself in the figures of state attorneys and judges is a constant undercurrent in McReynolds's study.
But I wonder what is good for the state, autocracy or mobocracy?
Yet Islamism is more than a symbolic protest against autocracy.
The essential lessons that all countries can draw from the events of the last two years is that autocracy as a mode of governance can no longer be acceptable to the public.
In brief news published in the same angle on Thursday's edition, President Hadi affirmed that such press angles are expression of a political approach devotes the autocracy and not democratic institutions' rule in which he along with all the national forces try to set up via the coming national dialogue conference.
Izet Zeqiri from RDK made a comment that it would have been better if VMRO-DPMNE proposed a law which would forbid MPs to propose amendments which would confirm that there is autocracy in the Parliament.
Specifically, there has been some debate as to the relationship between autocracy, democracy, and economic performance.
and March 14 visits Berri 9 killed, 50 injured and Mufti Shr threatened of assassination Mikati confirms Italy's commitment and Geagea responds to Aoun No solution and second capital closed DAILY STAR: Egypt descends into turmoil amid echoes of autocracy Death toll in Tripoli clashes reaches six Patriarch Hazim, 'man of moderation,' dies at 92 A.
Morsi's opponents rallied for a fifth day on Tuesday, stepping up calls to scrap this decree, they say threatens Egypt with a new era of autocracy.
Beyond the return to autocracy in Egypt, two of the most prominent fears in Egypt are related to religion: the situation of the largest religious demographic minority in Egypt, the Coptic Christians; and religious identity politics.
In his political essays and his letters he excoriated Russian and German imperialism, identifying Russia with life-denying autocracy and repression, and Germany with a brutal sense of racial, technological, and commercial will to power.