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any physiologically active internal secretion especially one of uncertain classification


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Proresolving lipid mediators are locally acting autocoids whose concentrations would be expected to be highest at sites of inflammation where they exert their effects.
Within EC cells 5-HT is synthesized from tryptophan by tryptophan hydroxylase (a mixed function oxidase) and stored with other autocoids, such as vasoconstrictor peptide, substance P and other kinins (Bush and Mayer 2006).
This review of the past five years of research in the endocrinology of hypertension includes articles on new developments in the renin-angiotensin system, the sympatho-adrenal system, metabolic disorders, endothelial hormones and autocoids, and other hormonal systems affected by hypertension.
A group of distinguished international authors examine the potential of new agents working on various targets that are currently under evaluation, including autocoids and their inhibitors, enzyme-inhibitors, sensory nerves and sensory neuropeptides, and receptors in immunology Asthma: Modern Therapeutic Targets provides physicians with an appreciation of the future directions of treatment.
The text includes new and expanded material on steroid hormones, drugs for obesity, osteoporosis and erectile dysfunction, anti-inflammatory drugs, and autocoids.