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Synonyms for autoclave

a device for heating substances above their boiling point

subject to the action of an autoclave

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Protein quality of cooked, autoclaved and extruded HWM was evaluated in terms of protein efficiency ratio (PER) and net protein utilization (NPU).
Average weight gain in 10 days trial in birds fed diets containing casein (standard), cooked, autoclaved and extruded HWMs were 86.
05) different as compared to extruded (226g) and autoclaved (222g) HWM diets.
05) difference was found between the diets containing casein and cooked HWM as well as between the groups fed on extruded and autoclaved HWMs.
Efficiency: Concrete slab on-grade thermal mass with radiant floor heating system, energy efficient exterior wall material (ten inch aerated autoclaved concrete block units R-30 insulating value) passive solar design, natural cross ventilation with convection cooling through house, reflective radiant barrier installed in roof, high efficiency hot water boiler for radiant floor system and domestic water, photovotaic power system, energy efficient lighting sources
0005 percent (weight/volume) contaminated soil slurry to 25 mg/L per day in slurries amended with 1 percent autoclaved soil.
This study was designed to determine: 1) if the addition of autoclaved soil (containing no microorganisms) or non-autoclaved soil (containing an indigenous microbial population) would enhance the degradation of PCP in treated wood by known PCP bacterial and fungal degraders; 2) if the reduction of PCP in treated wood corresponded to a reduction in toxicity; and 3) if PCP from the wood was degraded and not transferred to the soil.
Autoclaved soil was prepared by heating the soil twice to 120[degrees]C and 15.
Treatments 1 to 3 contained wood flakes without soil, treatments 4 to 6 contained wood flakes plus autoclaved soil, and treatments 7 to 9 contained wood flakes plus non-autoclaved soil.
Until 2001 in Austria, several tests were done on blood spots on native cards as a first step; the cards were then autoclaved and screened for phenylketonuria, and the leftovers were stored at room temperature.
Subsequently, the cards were autoclaved and then reassayed for 17-OHP (autoclaved 17-OHP).
One-half of this solution was autoclaved in an open glass flask, and the evaporated fluid was substituted (solution B).
He is a member of the Design Build Institute of America, the American Concrete Institute, the ACI Committee 523a, and the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Products Association.