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Synonyms for autoclave

a device for heating substances above their boiling point

subject to the action of an autoclave

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Autoclaved soil was prepared by heating the soil twice to 120[degrees]C and 15.
Treatments 1 to 3 contained wood flakes without soil, treatments 4 to 6 contained wood flakes plus autoclaved soil, and treatments 7 to 9 contained wood flakes plus non-autoclaved soil.
Twice weekly the contents of each dish were weighed, mixed for aeration, and adjusted with autoclaved water to correct for moisture loss caused by evaporation.
1A) significantly enhanced the degradation of PCP compared to the addition of autoclaved soil (treatment 4, Fig.
In autoclaved soil inoculated with bacteria or fungus, more PCP degradation occurred at day 45 in fungal-inoculated treatments but it was not significantly different from bacterial-inoculated treatments by the end of the study.
Subsequently, the cards were autoclaved and then reassayed for 17-OHP (autoclaved 17-OHP).
One-half of this solution was autoclaved in an open glass flask, and the evaporated fluid was substituted (solution B).
To evaluate the impact of long-term storage at room temperature on 17-OHP in autoclaved filter-paper cards (experiment 2a), we retrieved the first 40 cards from neonates fulfilling certain birth weight criteria (25 neonates weighing >2500 g, 5 weighing 2000-2500 g, 5 weighing 1500-2000 g, and 5 weighing <1500 g) from each year between 1991 and 2000 from the Austrian screening bank.
In the year of sampling, Austrian cards were autoclaved in a Varioklav Dampfsterilisator, Type 400 (H+P Labortechnik GmbH) for 5 min at a temperature of 121 [degrees]C, a humidity of 100%, and pressure set automatically.
9 nmol/L on cards that had not been autoclaved (native 17-OHP) and 6.