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nativeness by virtue of originating or occurring naturally (as in a particular place)

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The perils of belonging: Autochthony, citizenship, and exclusion in Africa and Europe.
Usually implying paganism, autochthony, primitivity, and blackness, these terms were sometimes deployed as broad racial categories in nineteenth-century anthropology (Ballard 2008:198, n.
The book presents historical-scientific work on the autochthony of the ethnic Albanians in Macedonia.
Culture-brokers like Malherbe articulated a humor of autochthony, investing it with the dyadic "laugh with a tear".
In this sense, then, autochthony can be said to be a neoliberal mode of belonging, one whose attempts to contain contestation are based on allegations that any demand for rights and/or resources by "non-Natives," including a radical rethinking of how rights and resources are thought of and distributed, is tantamount to a disregard for, and even colonization of, the autochthones.
Distinguishing autochthony, parautochthony and allochthony using taphofacies analysis: Can cold seep assemblages be discriminated from assemblages of the nearshore and continental shelf?
Israelite and Jewish religion is perpetually an unsettlement of the very notion of autochthony.
The Athenian myth of autochthony explains the strong notion of exclusivity inherent in Athenian (political) identity: (56) 'The artificial boundaries and artificial connections of a political unit were made natural by original birth from the earth.
These last explorations enabled the recognition of Scandinavian influence on the creation of the Old Russian State and rejected the overemphasised autochthony in the problem of Slav origins (cf.
The patrio-sublime folklore that had been the brand of the house of our republic, tasted like false autochthony in all its forms.
Heidegger "deploy[s] his myth of autochthony in offering his account of Germany's place within 'the historical destiny of the West'" (p.
As such, it not only transcends the rhetorical context of 1933, but also binds itself to the theme with much more longevity, the theme of autochthony that determines the conceptual shape of Heidegger's "private" National Socialism.
The datu-datu as founder-figures combine the themes of autochthony and precedence with being Muslim; the datu-datu are the first humans of the islands, and the islands the first place to receive Islam in the archipelago.
Not Begetting the Future: Technological Autochthony, Sexual Reproduction, and the Mythic Structure of The Matrix.