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the earliest known inhabitants of a region

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More than just a conjuncture, this process of the marginalization of autochthons in most cocoa stories is structural.
People could, for example, enlist the support of autochthons on their own.
26) Mobutu's divide-and-rule politics and economic envy led autochthons and other delegates in the national conference (CNS) to deprive much of the Rwandophone community in the Kivus of its citizenship and land rights, in the early 90s.
Mobility and exclusion: Conflicts between autochthons and allochthons during political liberalization in Cameroon
Attempts have been made to classify the Nepalese into "the communities that largely use languages or dialects of Sino-Tibetan family who belong to or are believed in general to have originated from the Mongolian racial stock; the dominant ruling castes of Brahmans and Kshtriyas of Indo-Aryan origin, who live largely is the hills and speak Nepali as their vernacular; as lastly, the people who live in the plains of the South and had either migrated from India in the last two centuries to the Tarai or were living there as autochthons (of Austric-Dravidian Origin) and speak dialects of the Southern region" (Aditya, 1991:2).
Fix up the atmosphere, improve cultural opportunities for my autochthons, you know.
Post-coloniality:] Thus, while outside an entire society partitions itself into the duality of the vanquished and the victorious, the autochthons and the invaders, in the harem, reduced to a shack or a cave, the dialogue has become almost definitively blocked.
In Cote d'Ivoire, Southern autochthons displayed a type of nationalism prone to closure, exclusion and xenophobia.
What is relevant here is that the same human impulse to make sense of the world and to transform it for better human habitation is also in place in the Yoruba worldview: "A peep at the historical narratives suggests how Obatala, as leader of the autochthons emerges as the back of which Orunmila, the master of divination and prophecy, the keeper of the old gnosis, is the front.
Described by island autochthons as the god of things living, K.
Land, politics, intergenerational relations and the institution of the tutorat between autochthons and migrant farmers in the Gban region (Cote d'Ivoire)' in R.
As Michael Scott (2001) has argued for Arosi in Makira in the southeastern Solomons, land mediates relations of identity and difference between autochthons and outsiders.
Joint winner of the 2014 Herskovits Award, this is a major contribution to the ethnography of the north of Ghana, an area seriously underserved in this regard as in so many others--and to the ongoing national debate in Ghana about land ownership and the fiercely contested claims of autochthons and strangers.