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Synonyms for autochthonic

existing, born, or produced in a land or region

Synonyms for autochthonic

originating where it is found

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Although Ike's snake barely has time to be a snake before becoming an anthology, I would emphasize that, in its partial and autochthonic arousal, it remains "concordant with the wilderness it crawled," a thing of the earth, or, more accurately, of that piece of earth which more than any other in the big woods (with the exception of the notional "funnelling tip" [253] for which it stands as synecdoche) is land whose meaning materializes for Ike through his repudiation of plantocratic property, and of the neoplantation that it will become (via de Spain's sale of the woods themselves).
Cade, autochthonic English peasant, turns into a savage Moor menacing England's kingly line as well as the epitome of native rural strength and courage.
Hence its God cannot be a "god of the earth," nor His people autochthonic, sprung from the soil.
The declared goal of Heidegger's politics is to convince humankind to set its ways and goals in accordance with autochthonic rootedness.
In terms of the finds, basically Barbar is autochthonic and neither oriented toward Mesopotamia nor the coastal region including the lower Gulf.