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the earliest known inhabitants of a region

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Modeling the LPD and SPD cognitive maps includes several stages: 1) defining basic situational formers that outline the communicative frame as a LPD and SPD situational 'skeleton'; 2) determining the LPD and SPD allochthons as a general complex of possible information elements; 3) determining autochthons as regular elements of LPD and SPD through the procedures of statistical verification of actuals.
* Two plots representing a surface area of 300 hectares were registered in the name of the chief of the Lissa administrative village, who is a member of one of the autochthon lineages of Lissa.
Investigations revealed that the likely first case was in a male autochthon hunter from the Dinyonga/Bimbema camp.
Planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the Coniacian-Maastrichtian sequences of the Bey Daglari Autochthon, western Taurides, Turkey: thin-section zonation.
A few autochthons made some purchases, but the main buyers were a particular type of migrant: the highlanders' Lauje cousins living in the coastal villages.
Polymerase chain reaction method for leptospirosis--analysis on samples from an autochthon swine population in Sicily, Italy.
According to a report regarding the danger of radicalization (15) within autochthon Romanian Muslim community, most of the subjects insistently assume the ethical and social values that prove their integration and acceptance by the majority, constructing a tolerant self image built on the Islamic and local tradition.
The final part, "Caribbean Futures: Democracy Imperiled," starts with Francio Guadeloupe's evaluation of the often difficult relationship between Curasao and the Netherlands, and more particularly the autochthon and nonautochthon conceptions of home.
Sprache und Kultur seien zwar mit jenen der Ukrainer verwandt, aber eigenstandig, autochthon. Diese These einer karpatho-ruthenischen oder karpatho-russinischen Identitat wurde und wird von ukrainischen Nationalisten bis heute, und heute aus naheliegenden Grunden verstarkt, bestritten.
Created by the invading populations, especially of the Cuman one, the first type of civil organization of the Romanians was taken over and used by the autochthon aristocracy in its working related relations offered to the agrarian communities of origin, immediately after warding off the nomadic conquerors.
In contrast to the relatively well documented Ordovician successions known from the SE Anatolian Gondwanan Autochthon and the Tauride-Anatolide units (e.g.
A different model of growth is needed, based more on domestic savings and autochthon production of importable and exportable goods.
"The Autochthon" by George Leite (pages 140 to 146)
Like the threat of invasive aliens, the issue of so-called xenophobic violence becomes "over-determined" (Comaroff and Comaroff2001: 649), a nodal point upon which a number of irresolvable contradictions converge: the rights of the autochthon versus the rights of the stranger; the politics of protectionism and exclusion versus the borderless economy; the construction of the immigrant as parasite or benefactor; and the "ideology of universal inclusion" versus the limits of the provisioning commonweal (2001: 650).