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catalysis in which the catalyst is one of the products of the reaction

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when a sufficiently diverse mix of molecules accumulates somewhere, the chance that an autocatalytic system--a self-maintaining and self-reproducing metabolism--will spring forth becomes a near certainty".
Sandra Heinemann, product Manager Surface Finish at Atotech Deutschland GmbH, will present The impact of deposition thickness on high speed shear test result specifically related to electroless palladium and semi autocatalytic gold.
For all the molar ratios, it was found that autocatalytic activation energy, [E.
Key words: lignocellulosic material, autocatalytic, delignification, organic solvents, in-vitro total dry matter digestibility and sulphuric acid.
This is a characteristic behavior of climacteric fruits which have a peak in respiration and a burst of autocatalytic ethylene to help the ripening process [27].
For that we must await the evolution of chemistry, in particular the circular network of constraint production dynamics that characterizes autocatalytic and autopoietic structures.
Determination of the kinetic parameters and activation energy of sulfur-based crosslinking: The kinetic parameters of the curing obtained from a rheometer were determined by applying the autocatalytic model, as reported by equation (1):
In this manner, crystallization in the film accelerates until an autocatalytic process occurs.
As a result of this autocatalytic effect, the solution emerges rapidly.
In this way an autocatalytic chain reaction ensues which causes disruption of membra-nes of cell and organelles, oxidation of proteins with resultant loss of enzymes.
Called TWX-40, this is a mixed reaction bath--an elite hybrid--that delivers both immersion and autocatalytic (electroless) modes of deposition.
Once in the ER the signal peptide domain of PCSK9 is cleaved and the 692-amino acid peptide undergoes autocatalytic processing at position [VFAQ.
Waldman's image of an "entopic brain" suggests a vision from within that is neither autocatalytic nor solitary but rather a contextualized response to what is without.