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catalysis in which the catalyst is one of the products of the reaction

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As governments continue to apply increasingly tough emissions standards, demand for autocatalysts rises.
brake rotor foundry, where he now offers autocatalyst recycling and metallurgical services, and the excess equipment is for sale to the right bidder.
Cazenove said the results revealed a combination of good progress in demand for autocatalysts spurred by environmental legislation, and reflected higher platinum prices and a solid performance from the pharmaceutical area.
Looking forward, the auto industry's consumption of platinum will increase again in 2007, with use in autocatalysts on light and heavy duty diesel vehicles (larger trucks) responsible for most of the rise.
The metallurgic industry in Hoboken claims to be a world leader in recycling of precious metal-bearing materials (250,000 tons/year), among them autocatalysts, electrical/electronic scrap, and photographic products (37).
The local processing of platinum-group metals into autocatalysts was expanded from 2.
Gross platinum demand in autocatalysts is predicted to soften by 1% to 3.
The PROMETHEUS project will bring to the market a disruptive innovation, allowing for the first time to substitute up to 60% of PGMs used in autocatalysts with copper nanoparticles, while keeping the same performances and durability.
On the demand side, consumption of platinum has been depressed in recent years by the weakness of the predominantly diesel-powered European automobile market as well as technological advances which have reduced the amount of platinum used in autocatalysts.
Even with a further rise in recoveries of platinum from spent autocatalysts, and a drop in investment offtake compared to 2013's exceptional total, a third consecutive year of deficit is likely.
If car sales were to pick up again, this should have a positive impact on platinum and palladium, which are used to manufacture autocatalysts," it said.
The environmental technologies division has been driven by higher sales of autocatalysts, a cylinder fitted to vehicle exhausts to reduce the level of harmful gases released into the atmosphere.
Given these metals are distributed unevenly in varying but finite quantities in the earth's crust, 97% of the world's rare earth elements (REE) are produced in China, while 80% of the world's platinum and rhodium used in modern autocatalysts and fuel cells come from a single source in South Africa.
It said it was "hit by car sales falling sharply in Europe, North America and Asia leading to demand for autocatalysts being well down on last year".
Platinum fell more than 3 percent to its weakest in two weeks, hit by concernover demand for autocatalysts after automakers reported a 10thconsecutive month of US sales declines and talk that some automakers sold back inventories.