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catalysis in which the catalyst is one of the products of the reaction

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Computations and cybernetic processes are insentient because approach builds on and extends Maturana and Varela's (1980) notion of autopoiesis and Stuart Kauffman's (1993, 1995) idea of autocatalysis.
Model-based studies indicate that positive feedback loop motifs with mutually activating genes, protein covalent modification cycles with autocatalysis, and enzymatic cascades produce transcritical bifurcations (Aguda 1999; Alam-Nazki and Krishnan 2012; Widder et al.
Researchers have shown that for poly(lactic acid), pseudo-first-order kinetics are a good approximation for hydrolysis catalyzed by an external strong acid but are insufficient for modeling autocatalysis [75].
In At Home in the Universe, Stuart Kauffman introduces the theory of autocatalysis while using it to debunk the concepts of random mutation and natural selection, which "could not possibly explore .
Performance and 1,2,4,6,9,10,11,13, activity of a control of metabolism, 16,17,19,20,21,22,23, biosystem including autocatalysis 25,29,37,38,39,41,47, (6,11,17,20,37,38,39,41, 50,60,61 60), cyclic chemical processes (6,19,20,22), feedback loops (37,47), and active transport (13,62) 4.
This prepares us for Chapter 8 which presents the centerpiece of the book, autocatalysis.
Advances in "chirally economical" non-linear phenomena, racemic catalysis, and autocatalysis
His emergent approach builds on and extends Maturana and Varela's (1980) notion of autopoiesis and Stuart Kauffman's (1993, 2000) idea of autocatalysis.
According to our previous study, the composite with 5 wt% PLGA fibers degrades much faster than the PLLA-TMC neat copolymer and PLLA because the faster degradation of PLGA fibers speeds up the degradation of the matrix by autocatalysis [26], Meanwhile, composite with 5 wt% fibers exhibit nearly the same tensile strength and flexibility as PLLA, but with much higher modulus.
The difference between the surface and the bulk of the polymer matrices during degradation is thought to be due to the autocatalysis of the degradation reaction in the bulk of the polymers [12].
They distinguished 47 distinctive properties of living beings, among them self-reproduction (27 mentions by different authors), capability of (negentropy) evolution (26), ability to extract free energy and matter from the environment (16), ability to perform and control metabolism (15), ability to store and replicate genetic information (12), ability to grow (10), capable of thermodynamic and chemical disequilibrium (9), ability to have autocatalysis (9), existence of genome and genetic code (7), availability of membranes as geochemical barriers (7), at the highest level of complexity (7), foresight and ability to modify own behavior (7), composed of carbon-based polymers (6), etc.
As a steady cycle of autocatalysis took hold, each template molecule attracted smaller molecular pieces from solution and fit them neatly into place.
Asymmetric Autocatalysis and Its Implications in the Origin of Chiral Homogeneity of Biomolecules (Kenso Soai and Tsuneomi Kawasaki).
2] represents the kinetic rate constant associated with the autocatalysis by the--OH groups generated by the epoxy amine reaction.
As it is recalled by these authors, the curing process of an epoxy resin is divided in two stages: an initial acceleration due to the autocatalysis and a second stage in which diffusion dominates because of viscosity increase and gelation.