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a biography of yourself

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Edited by respected crystallographer Mike Glazier and by Sir Lawrence's daughter, Patience Thomson, Crystal Clear contains the autobiographies of both William Lawrence Bragg and his wife of fifty years, Alice Hopkinson Bragg.
Interestingly, the strongest English source about Arabic autobiographies is called "Interpreting The Self,"and signifies how far autobiographies are involved with translating the self to/into the world.
presents a study of five working-class autobiographies authored between 1820 and 1848 by English men: John Clare, Timothy Claxton and Robert Blincoe, Thomas Carter, and David Vincent.
Additionally, Wallach argues that autobiographies are a unique form of source material for historians because they provide an "emotional understanding of a particular historical reality" that cannot be captured as well by other sources of historical evidence.
Sporting Lives: Metaphor and Myth in American Sports Autobiographies.
Both autobiographies are didactic, in the tradition of exemplar history: They are American success stories, about "making it.
Enhanced with black-and-white historical and personal photographs, "Cranking Up A Fine War" is a superbly written autobiography and a welcome, highly recommended addition to the growing library of World War II military biographies, memoirs, and autobiographies.
The top five titles for 2006 have all been celebrity autobiographies.
Autobiographies written by a cohort of preservice teachers were analyzed to uncover the self-reported images of teachers and images of teaching as an indicator of their implicit beliefs.
If historians are so competent at dealing with the past might they not write more accurate and better autobiographies than other life writers?
Great Britain used to respect autobiographies and their authors.
6) The East End has come to symbolize this rich urban culture of the working classes before the Second World War, and this is a powerful theme in the autobiographies and memoirs of the area's former residents.
A much larger figure would result if the numerous actual autobiographies by women were added to the results for searches about the topic.
Holy Boldness: Women Preachers" Autobiographies and the Sanctified Self.
Autobiographies can also open up communication between kids and their parents, and many parents will refer to them when meeting with Douglas.