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Synonyms for autobiographical

of or relating to or characteristic of an autobiographer

relating to or in the style of an autobiography

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In fad, viewed autobiographically, this particular work can be considered as a prophecy of his own personal voyage through life, which met its end when he willfully extinguished himself in the hands of the sea.
He finds himself there with an autobiographically narrated passion as deep as Mattox and Roeber's, though taking him in an opposite direction.
no one in particular which is who I address autobiographically, so much
Wood speaks autobiographically about his own family and early life in Denver.
Its author, Sherman Alexie, a Spokane/Coeur d'Alene Indian who has also written acclaimed novels, short stories, and poetry for adults, admits that his first young adult novel is autobiographically based.
In the concluding chapter, Cone speaks autobiographically about his life's work of writing and speaking "about the liberating power of black religious experience" (154).
Silk-screened reproductions of his own earlier paintings and autobiographically significant content print material further complicate the situation.
At the Lodge she was treated by the sympathetic and compassionate Dr Gilbert Tothill, who advised her to uncover the origin of her fear and anxiety by writing autobiographically.
These CD/LP dividers will enable you to organise your own voluminous collection of sounds, be it alphabetically, chronologically, by genre or, if you're a real anorak, autobiographically.
Scholl describes how Bronte, Martineau and Eliot explored the pupil/master relationship in both their fiction and autobiographically to negotiate a sense of their own intellectual mastery.
99), the autobiographically based trilogy written in the 1850s which constitute one of his most revealing works.
In the same way, Mike's phenomenal Day Is Done project of 2005 can be read almost autobiographically, all hough I didn't realize it at the time.
I used to feel that it was the worst kind of failure to write autobiographically, to seem to be literalizing from your own life.
Apres mai (titled innocuously Something in the Air in English) is a moving and exciting film, inspired, apparently, autobiographically by Assayas' youthful radical activism.