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Synonyms for autobiographical

of or relating to or characteristic of an autobiographer

relating to or in the style of an autobiography

References in classic literature ?
Part Two; Autobiographical Style," he announced, with a wave of his hand.
Mesa-Bains' strategy of politicizing the personal continued in the largely autobiographical Boudoir Chapel.
von Hayek (1899-1992) wrote autobiographical notes for several years beginning in 1945.
David Copperfield'' was Charles Dickens' favorite of his novels, perhaps due to its autobiographical elements - it's about a youthful aspiring writer who survives a period of brutal child labor and a flirtation with the legal profession.
In his criticism, his novels, and his autobiographical works, Murray examines European, American, and African cultural forms and personalities and how these have forged a new culture in the American landscape and a new form of the hero in the blues hero.
As Is was less autobiographical than people might think.
He conducts readings of the semi-autobiographical Kiss of the Fur Queen and more strictly autobiographical writings by others to explore how First Nation writers have confronted their pasts in the residential schools.
For a fever dream of a different order, there's Howard Crabtree's ``When Pigs Fly,'' the Obie Award-winning autobiographical revue of song, dance, sketches, visual puns and out-there vaudevillian humor.
So as to correspond better to the persona represented in and by the text, Dust Tracks resists two cardinal conventions of autobiographical representation: traditional autobiographical structure and formal organization, and a focused projection of the autobiographical persona.
The other characters arise from the same autobiographical quarter of Rethorst's imagination.
Many of Tsiaras' figures, forms, and images have autobiographical implications.
The Whole Wide World'' is based on the autobiographical book by Novalyne Price, an attractive, feisty West Texas schoolteacher, and her bittersweet, romantic and turbulent relationship with Robert E.
Autobiographical memory is a constructed continuum, she argues, is hierarchical, and is synonymous with episodic memory.
The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things presents 10 autobiographical fictions in a voice that is nuanced and introspective yet not self-absorbed.
He makes a point of including a chapter on autobiographical theory, even though he identifies the chapter as optional for those not specifically interested in autobiographical theory as such.