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someone who writes their own biography

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Of course, Goldblatt's insights, like those of any autobiographer who chooses to reconstruct a childhood, are today necessarily generated from an adult retroperspective; yet the lack of reflexivity about this reconstructive process arguably weakens its credibility in that early stage of building a story when the reader's trust needs to be not so much assumed as earned.
Critic, novelist, autobiographer and poet, Professor Barbara Hardy, born and educated in Swansea, will receive the honour along with Professor Geraint Jenkins, originally from Aberystwyth.
Though he did not live to a very advanced age, the monstrously gifted and prolific Chesterton wrote so much so well--scoring important successes as an essayist, Christian apologist, biographer, autobiographer, playwright, art and literary critic, poet, novelist and writer of detective stories--that it is impossible to do him any sort of justice in the usual 300 to 400 page study that constitutes most modern biographies of the man.
Which cricketer's autobiographer is called Dazzler?
His autobiographer, Ian Halperin, said before the death: "I was astonished by the number of songs which have been held back.
(1976: 31) I would expand the phrase "bearing witness" to suggest that, whilst it testifies to an autobiographer's burden (the pain of horrible memories pulling against the felt duty to witnessing--or, more rarely, confessing), it can also point to a hope of eventually giving birth to a better reality.
One of Parker's important insights is into the need for inclusiveness in searching for the basic "goods" in an autobiographer's narrative: the need for both Judeo-Christian goods (the ethic of love of God and of others) and Romantic goods (the ethic of authenticity); the need for both universal goods (the Enlightenment ethic) and particular goods (the recent ethics of identity).
Autobiographer Hugo Cipriani tells of his adventures through America and how he found happiness, which he states is simply a matter of being brave enough to be free.
It's probably the rare autobiographer that does so, especially when his or her life contains elements that cause shame, which is the case to different degrees with these eight men.
Berk lives on the Upper East Side with his wife Sheryl--a writer and autobiographer for both Britney Spears and Carmen Elektra--and their five-year-old daughter.
He is a dedicated collector of facts, has an infallible memory for the anecdote and so in some ways is the perfect autobiographer.
The accusation that he is "banal" came from Eamonn Dunphy, former Millwall midfielder and Roy Keane autobiographer, whose always-entertaining views are most often aired by Irish broadcaster RTE.
In each chapter, she demonstrates how the life of the woman autobiographer relates to the self-exploration that her writings reveal and the journeys and revolutionary steps that her personal life requires.
What historians struggled to achieve through rigorous methodological protocol, Popkin observes, the autobiographer accomplished "by inherent right" (pp.
In contrast to these examples, Maxine Hong Kingston, Rigoberta Menchu, and Nikki Giovanni are initially described merely with neutral nouns such as "autobiographer" or "essayist." This unevenness causes the work to lose some objectivity.