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someone who writes their own biography

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Which cricketer's autobiographer is called Dazzler?
At age ninety-five Studs Terkel can double-check autobiographer on his CV for the title was originally earned in 1979 with the publication of Talking to Myself: A Memoir of My Times.
His autobiographer, Ian Halperin, said before the death: "I was astonished by the number of songs which have been held back.
Experience" rather than "auctoritee"--to abbreviate the Wife of Bath's maxim (Chaucer 1957[c 1387]:76)--characterises the writing stance of the autobiographer, in the sense that the autobiographical mode is anecdotal and existential, rather than ideological and theoretical.
Autobiographer Hugo Cipriani tells of his adventures through America and how he found happiness, which he states is simply a matter of being brave enough to be free.
It's probably the rare autobiographer that does so, especially when his or her life contains elements that cause shame, which is the case to different degrees with these eight men.
Berk lives on the Upper East Side with his wife Sheryl--a writer and autobiographer for both Britney Spears and Carmen Elektra--and their five-year-old daughter.
He is a dedicated collector of facts, has an infallible memory for the anecdote and so in some ways is the perfect autobiographer.
The accusation that he is "banal" came from Eamonn Dunphy, former Millwall midfielder and Roy Keane autobiographer, whose always-entertaining views are most often aired by Irish broadcaster RTE.
In each chapter, she demonstrates how the life of the woman autobiographer relates to the self-exploration that her writings reveal and the journeys and revolutionary steps that her personal life requires.
What historians struggled to achieve through rigorous methodological protocol, Popkin observes, the autobiographer accomplished "by inherent right" (pp.
For O'Donnell, Augustine was a mendacious autobiographer, an opportunistic cleric, a supercilious human being, a polarizing historian, a dogmatic political philosopher, and a tiresome apologist.
Autobiographer Kate O'Sullivan uses her very demonstrable talent as a writer to bring the reader into not only the story of her life, but the story of her times.
Strangely, even though Hoptman has eschewed in her selections both art celebrity and navel-gazing autobiographer (the latter she dismisses specifically in her catalog), the personae of the artists haunt her exhibition.
The sometimes desperate non-stop accounts of the wandering life prompt Grammer to consider that the evangelists have successfully created "a new sort of narrator, the autobiographer alienated from her own life story, which is left to tell itself without benefit of her ordering intelligence" (113).