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a system for self-improvement developed by Emile Coue which was popular in the 1920s and 1930s

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Coue did all he could to motivate, liberate, and utilise the vis medicatrix naturae; and, rather than nullifying 'negatives', he sought to generate harmonious mental processes, arouse dormant/latent capacities, and create entirely new resources: "whatever the illness, the practice of rational auto-suggestion will always effect an appreciable improvement in the patient's condition, even if the disease itself be incurable" (Coue, 1923b, p.
The implemented system is divided into four modules called query manager, auto-suggestion module, information retrieval module and search within property module.
He talks about communicating with the subconscious through auto-suggestion and creative visualization.
The Fly says he was amazed, though, to see the message faithfully reported as fact in their respective columns the following day - much to the amusement of those in the know at Attheraces and GG's rights-owning partner SIS, who remained unmoved by the apparent outbreak of auto-suggestion.
The book delineates how we can call upon focusing techniques, imagery, body awareness and many other types of auto-suggestion in order to practice efficiently, overcome performance fears and find our expressive voice.
Schachter's extensive knowledge of the critical sources on Svevo are once again on display in the final chapter, "La coscienza di Zeno: A Parody of Psychoanalysis," which contains enlightening discussions of auto-suggestion therapy and the potential influence of Wilhelm Stekl (1868-1940) on Svevo's work.
We could refer to this aspect of prayer as auto-suggestion or autohypnosis, if we prefer to view this phenomenon in a psychological context.
When sceptics suggested that his stigmata could well be the result of auto-suggestion or wishful thinking, he retorted: "Go out to the fields and look very closely at a bull.
To fail to grasp this "mulattoic" constitution or "two-toned heritage" (xxii) is to fall into what Gates defines in Figures in Black as an unstrategic exclusivism - the "the enclosure of negation" - or an equally unacceptable inclusivism, "fated to obey the suggestion of an external milieu for lack of auto-suggestion from within" (54).
Hetero-suggestion [is] suggestion implanted in a patient by another person [and] auto-suggestion [is] a suggestion implanted in a patient by himself.
The Apostle of Auto-Suggestion at Work in his Garden "Clinic" at Nancy.