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the burning to death of heretics (as during the Spanish Inquisition)

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He also draws a connection between the ethnic consciousness cultivated through such dramas and works by contemporary Yucatec Maya playwrights, specifically mentioning Dzul Ek and his work on the auto-da-fe (Frischmann, "A Question" 23).
Having inexplicably entered the cell and now standing before the newly awakened Alonzo, Melmoth takes advantage of the terror that the auto-da-fe dream has inspired in the inmate, offering to free him in exchange for his soul (183, 409).
man of learning and specialist in sinology" (Canetti, Auto-da-fe 10), is actually entitled to carry the title of "Professor" (Structures 71).
Instead of arranging her auto-da-fe, whether for murder or child endangerment, the State of Utah should be asking itself how it can improve services for poor, pregnant, mentally ill substance abusers--and maybe take a look at adoption agency practices, too.
This auto-da-fe suggest the poet's willingness to strip away all illusions, including the ones he may still harbor.
The first is the 1921 article, 'Going for a Walk' and after this come: the Jewish Quarter, Displaced Persons, Traffic, Berlin Under Construction, Bourgeoisie and Bohemians, Berlin's Pleasure Industry, An Apolitical Observer Goes to the Reichstag and, finally, his 1933 essay, written from his exile in Paris, 'The Auto-da-Fe of the Mind' which contains his reflections on the Nazi takeover of Germany.
It's an eerie prefiguring of the Lady Di auto-da-fe.
The part devoted to Auto-da-Fe begins with the charming 1936 review of the novel written by Hermann Hesse.
Elias Canetti, Nobel Prize winner, is best known for his novel Auto-da-fe and for studying the psychology of crowds, which can be radically different from the make-up of each individual within that crowd.
Even a notorious auto-da-fe occurred far less often and ended up finally as an occasional festivity.
Anything by Canetti--the Nobel-prize-winning author of Auto-Da-Fe, Crowds and Power and (my favorite) The Voices of Marrakesh--is worth reading.
and Elias Canetti's of a pathetic one in Auto-da-Fe.
The translation into English that was published as Auto-da-Fe (also published as The Tower of Babel) was done in cooperation with Canetti.
New Christians, an appellation applied only to Jewish converts, immigrated often and were victims of the Inquisition; some were hastened to the rack, where torture could induce "confessions," and then to the auto-da-fe.
The ever-vicious auto-da-fe featured an all-local quintet of finger-wagging Inquisitors--Mel Braun, P.