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a tire consisting of a rubber ring around the rim of an automobile wheel

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Great location on major highway with over 54,000 daily car count adjacent to auto tire and lube center which are great feeders to the wash.
ETRMA tire sales ('000 units) 4th 4th quarter quarter % 2013 2014 change Auto tires 57,621 58,409 -9% Truck tires 2,558 2,552 -2% Farm tires 424 386 -11% Cycle tires 1,781 1,797 2% % 2013 2014 change Auto tires 148,917 156,916 2% Truck tires 6,483 6,872 4% Farm tires 1,349 1,351 -2% Cycle tires 6,920 7,386 6%
Daily capacity of its auto tires is expected to rise to 1.
A high-performance tire with carbon fiber and Kevlar offers consumers relevant technologies that enhance the total driving experience," said Bob Toth, Goodyear's marketing manager for auto tires.
Meanwhile, neighbors and others were victims of similar vandalism, some also reporting their auto tires slashed with what Nordskog said appeared to be a dagger.
But one or more rows of floating breakwaters - each assembled from bundles of used auto tires - might reduce rough seas to manageable waves, he says.
ETRMA reported third quarter sales of auto tires were 58.