auto racing

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the sport of racing automobiles

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Although there are a number of textbooks and journal articles that discuss various topics related to the economics of sports (Downward, 2000; Alexander, 2000), the authors could find no recent articles that use auto racing as a model to teach economics.
These venues offer every kind of motorcycle and auto racing.
All the same, the effect of the close competition in the top ranks of the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) can be seen in flourishing brand rivalries, packed grandstands, and a devoted following that grows geographically as well as demographically.
Sportsman's Park in Chicago, now one of only two thoroughbred tracks in the city with Arlington International idle, is constructing a track for auto racing around its racetrack for the original source of horsepower.
The valley has two municipal theaters, a professional baseball team, a state museum specializing in desert American Indian culture and two auto racing complexes, plus the landmark Edwards Air Force Base.
Ashley Utts is making progress in her auto racing career at Ventura County Raceway, and apparently looking for a college that has stock cars as part of its curriculum.
Ashley Utts was a little torn when asked which sport she prefers, auto racing or volleyball.
Valencia's Bryan Herta is turning into quite an auto racing commodity.
Phoenix brings out the best in auto racing and this race will be no different.