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a race between (usually high-performance) automobiles

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Joey Logano (22) hits the wall as he is involved in a multi-car crash also involving Kasey Kahne (95), Kurt Busch (41), Daniel Suarez (19), Erik Jones (20) and others during the NASCAR Cup Series auto race at Daytona International Speedway, Saturday, July 7, 2018, in Daytona Beach, Fla.
Recently, the rumor-debunking website also dismissed a report by Life & Style magazine that said the 41-year-old actress was rumored to have a sudden realization about ( how "far apart" she and Pitt have grown as a couple after she saw photos of him waving the starting flag at the Le Mans auto race in France last month.
The demonstrators are calling for the cancellation of the controversial auto race as activists argue it comes at a time when Manama regime forces continue the violent suppression of peaceful protests.
Hiromi Sakai, 27, only took part in her first full Auto Race in July, when she and her 19-year-old colleague Maya Sato became the first women to compete in the sport for more than 40 years.
Auto Race, or Oto Resu, is a Japanese version of speedway raced on tarmac rather than dirt, using powerful, stripped-down machines with no brakes and handlebars specially modified to make cornering easier.
Drivers might get their start racing go-karts and later work their way up from lower-level auto races. By gaining experience and taking specialized courses, drivers are able to control faster and more powerful cars as they advance in auto racing.
In an auto race this would take the form of unnecessary risks that jeopardize the position not only of the driver in question but of other drivers as well.
In an auto race, overly aggressive behavior is penalized with a "black flag" (removal of a driver from all or a portion of the race) or a "stop-and-go" penalty (when an infraction is punished by requiring the driver to come into the pits, come to a complete stop, and then continue on in the race).
is planning to start selling in 2008 a new luxury sports car with an advanced version of the V-10 engine used in the Formula One auto race, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported Friday.
The Nissan official said the company made the decision to stay in the belief it would be good for corporate restructuring to take part in the auto race given the fact that this year's award-winning performance at Le Mans helped buoy the spirit of employees, including sales people at Nissan dealers.
The First American Grand Prix: The Savannah Auto Races, 1908-1911
She describes the bicycle racing that preceded the auto races, theories about why the races occurred, key drivers, factors and events that affected the demise of the races, and comparisons to contemporary races, such as the French Grand Prix, the Vanderbilt Cup, and the Coppa Florio.
THIS YEAR MARKS the 100th anniversary of cinema's most iconic figure first gracing the silver screen--Charlie Chaplin's "The Tramp," or as the comedian called him, "The Little Fellow." The movie was a split reel (approximately six minutes long) called "Kid Auto Races at Venice" (1914), also known as "The Pest." Though the pants would get baggier and the shoes larger for those "east west feet" (a phrase coined by poet and early film critic Carl Sandburg), the Tramp was born.
The iconic scruffy black jacket, waistcoat, trousers and bowler hat donned by the comedian for the 1914 silent movie Kid Auto Races are expected to fetch up to pounds 2,000.
and Europe as a result of its continued participation in top-notch auto races such as the Indianapolis 500-mile race, better known as Indy 500.