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the craft of building and repairing automobiles

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15, 2018, aims to support the automotive repair and maintenance services sector in the Philippines by providing free college education, specifically for deserving children of local auto mechanics.
Joe Retana, a professor at the auto mechanics program, said Alderson is an enthusiastic person who never let any disability get in the way.
As a country well-known for revolutionising its health sector through an array of innovative reforms in recent years, it is high time Qatar introduced strong laws to protect the health and safety of those hundreds of auto mechanics forced to work out in the open, like the way it is protecting those construction workers from extremely hot conditions," said a physician, who preferred anonymity.
Borg's careful attention to issues of race and gender, and his ability to draw connections between larger social movements and technological change makes Auto Mechanics a valuable contribution to a new generation of scholarship on the automobile, one that marries social history and the history of technology.
The end result of this emphasis, however, is to provide not so much a history of auto mechanics as a history of the social construction of their occupation.
The programs, to start late this month at four schools in New Delhi, Mumbai and other cities, are aimed at securing skilled auto mechanics for Toyota.
United Teachers Los Angeles is discussing ways to create similar academies that could offer pathways to careers in plumbing, auto mechanics and other fields.
The PMMVD appeared in 1998 as a group effort by Cetesb, the Auto Repair Workers Union (Sindirepa), which represents independent auto mechanics, and the Automotive Quality Institute, a private, not-for-profit organization.
His least favorite badge was auto mechanics (which he found "boring"), while the most difficult was public speaking.
Lake took her first stab at auto mechanics at 17 when the Jeep she'd bought for $125 promptly died.
vocational students might learn everything from auto mechanics to basic nursing to secretarial skills.
Like the earlier series, the Saint Petersburg images focus on social and professional groups--soccer fans, Hermitage guardswomen, corporate lawyers, auto mechanics, etc.
A nonexperimental ex post facto comparative study in the Jackson Area Career Center (Michigan) determined the correlation between basic skills grade levels indicated by standardized tests and success or failure in auto mechanics classes.
Let's say it's a training program as well as an employment program--we're going to train the kids to be auto mechanics.