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The sixth largest auto manufacturer and the top maker of light commercial vehicles in Europe, Turkey s auto industry rolled out 1.
After the auto manufacturer spent more than $1 billion on the program over the last 25 years, black auto dealers constitute just 1.
According to German company, for affirming its bid to become the world s largest auto manufacturer, the firm plans to invest 114 billion dollars or 84.
Maine's new auto mercury law removes from the recycling equation a known public health hazard and helps to ensure that the auto manufacturers share in the responsibility for solving a problem created by their decision to use mercury in the first place.
So how did Barden convince one of the world's largest auto manufacturers to come along for the ride?
JAC Motors capitalized 154 million Yuan above previous year for research and development in the first half year this year and some other China registered auto manufacturers hardly has such big amount to investment on R & D.
PK: ONCI), a Delaware corporation, announces today that FMS Marketing has been awarded a contract by 1 of the leading Asian auto manufacturers with Headquarters in Japan and South Korea.
have announced the establishment of Riken Elastomers in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, in their efforts to respond to future demands for thermoplastic elastomer compounds from Japanese auto manufacturers in the US.
DuPont Automotive Systems recently opened a $10 million laboratory in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, to facilitate technical services and approvals for automotive coatings used by Japanese auto manufacturers worldwide, and to support their home country assembly operations.
The directive says that in 2007, auto manufacturers will assume responsibility for the collection and recycling of ELVs, according to the EUROPA Web site.
One problem the AAIA faces is that they are in opposition with the auto manufacturers on some legislation, and those guys are always calling in their chits.
Most major foreign auto manufacturers have already established a strong presence in China, and the majority plan to expand production and market share sharply in the next few years.