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Mobileye expects that auto makers including BMW, VW and Nissan will sell millions of cars equipped with front-facing cameras and the fourth generation of its EyeQ chips this year.
Those above-average Chinese auto maker profit margins are likely a thing of the past.
This is the second time in the past two days a US auto maker has issued an air-bag related recall.
The biggest change seen in the Indian auto industry, is the move by auto makers is to pump in more local content into their vehicles.
The auto maker, which was heavily criticised for its slow response to the crisis, was actively seeking foreign or female members for its all-male board as it looks to broaden its corporate culture, Sasaki said.
government will fund Chrysler with up to $8 billion to support the auto maker through the bankruptcy process and after.
The Tokyo-based auto maker will spend $400 million (pounds 211 million) on a US car plant - its sixth in North America - with planned capacity of 200,000 units a year.
Brazil is the biggest and most progressive auto maker in the region.
Dan Kummer, manager of personal auto lines for the National Association of Independent Insurers, said auto makers are loading cars with "amazing stuff," such as navigational systems and heads-up displays that flash the car's speed on the windshield.
Sales of Toyota cars have topped the 10 million mark in Europe, nearly four decades after the Japanese auto maker began marketing its cars to Europe, Toyota Motor Europe Marketing and Engineering (TMME) said Tuesday.
Developed in close collaboration with big auto maker General Motors, VisConcept allows 1:1 -- or human-scale -- visualization of high- resolution, realistic images in immersive environments such as CAVE, Powerwall, desk and head-mounted display systems.
He will be able to increase his [ad sales] in some cases if he is clever if he is able to see a way to [help] the auto maker in question meet his marketing goals.
Ford, a United States auto maker, declared that it is aiming to introduce 25 new vehicles in sub-Saharan Africa over the next two years with 17 of them targeted for South Africa.
New Delhi, June 28 -- American auto maker Ford has finally launched the much awaited compact SUV EcoSport amidst great fanfare and the pricing from Ford seems to have caught everyone by surprise.
For the first nine months of the year, Japan's top auto maker said it sold 640,200 vehicles, up 4.