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a factory where automobiles are manufactured

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said Tuesday it will shut down its auto factory in Australia at the end of next month to cease production of the large 380 sedan due to contraction of the large-car market.
These days, China is coming in and looking good because they're offering a lot of money with no strings (like human rights) attached and they're also offering popular investments like low-income housing loans (in Venezuela), an auto factory (in Iran) and a refinery (in Nigeria.
I am a CNC programmer/machinist and I don't think that you can compare working on an assembly line in a major auto factory to setting up and operating a CNC machine tool.
BusinessWeek in February pegged the number of auto factory workers at about 950,000.
Laid off from an auto factory assembly line two weeks before Christmas, Gary Asnell is still jobless and doesn't care to hear about the virtues of retraining as he struggles to keep a roof over his family's head.
GM, which had already established a $150 million Hungarian auto factory, was also in final negotiations with the Hungarian government to build a second one in Szentgotthard.
Since no US auto factory had the tooling or experience to build cars of diminutive size, it was decided to produce it in Europe.
Butteur Metayer, a pugnacious thirty-three-year-old, had spent most of the second half of his life at a Ford auto factory in "Lansing, Michigan.
Investors selected Puebla for the first 80-suite property in part, because its Volkswagen auto factory draws business travelers who spend several days in the city.
a stint in Henry Ford's auto factory, years of running a restaurant, and finally a house in the suburbs.
Ten-year old Fujita Akiko from Osaka recalled how her entire family existed off the black market after her father lost his job at an auto factory at the end of the war.
Manufacturing as it is practiced at Motorola's semiconductor fabrication plant in Chandler, Arizona, more closely resembles a nuclear production facility in a James Bond movie than what one typically sees in an auto factory.
Could you imagine the machines in an auto factory organizing a union?
I mean, it's not like we're closing down a steel plant or an auto factory here.