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a company that makes and sells automobiles


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It said no auto company should make fewer than 100,000 cars a year and complained that limited production by a firm leads to high production costs.
BYD Auto Company, based in Shenzhen, China, is a subsidiary of BYD Company Ltd.
Hadley Auto Company has gained a reputation of being a premium new and pre-owned dealer.
The used-car marketplace rather than an individual auto company sets real time values for used cars that impact the perception of brands and new-car transaction prices.
Hoku said the auto company is evaluating Hoku's fuel cell membrane technology for integration into its fuel cell vehicles.
1 sec as to an industrial former making a part every 2 min, who wants to meet auto company quality ratings.
Central Trade and Auto Company (CTA) announced the official launch of the Lexus brand in Jordan in a special gala dinner, which was held on March 22 at King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center at the Dead Sea.
Each global auto company has behaved in predictable fashion toward this potentially huge market.
Our automotive business continues to grow and we are very pleased to be adding another auto company to our customer base," said Ballard president and CEO Dennis Campbell.
CALIFORNIA CITY - California City is negotiating with an undisclosed auto company to build a $50 million car test track in an area south of the city.
Then Renault did not predicate a Nissan turnaround on theories of global parts and product sharing, a seemingly indispensable ingredient in every acquisition of every down-and-out auto company on the planet How often have all of us heard the inflated cost savings estimates that justify spending billions of an auto company that is more a name than a business
The state court awarded the man $4,000 for the value of the damage to the car, plus $2 million as a punitive award to teach the auto company a lesson.
Keeping one auto company happy is tough; keeping five happy will challenge the most seasoned executive.