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(psychiatry) an abnormal absorption with the self

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However, there is a necessary and irresolvable and thus productive three-fold tension in his work between, first, autistically conceived radical imaginary creation and form, in other words what meaning is given form as distinct from what has been created; second, the radical imaginary and forms of intersubjectivity (or relations between subjects qua subjects qua others); and, third, the autism of the radical imaginary, forms of relationality, and social imaginaries.
No matter how statistically impossible it may be, it is autistically pandered to.
The aesthetic can also speak just as loudly, without necessarily getting caught in the fateful opposition of the autistically advanced or collusively popular.
Even more difficult than the separation for John are his repeated failures to form substitute attachments, so that he finally withdraws autistically.
Weird, elliptical piece, at once socially scathing and autistically distanced, pic could prove offbeat ringer at fests.