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characteristic of or affected with autism

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The National Autistic Society Scotland's Moving Forward programme is working with people on the spectrum across Renfrewshire to help them develop skills for the workplace, gain social confidence and find employment.
The charity's research found just 16 per cent of autistic adults in the UK are in full-time paid work and only 32 per cent in some kind of paid work, compared to 47 per cent of disabled people and 80 per cent of the general population.
There are an estimated 700,000 autistic people in the UK and whilst every person on the autism spectrum is different, for some, not being able to park in a predictable place close to a destination can cause a great deal of anxiety and put their safety at risk.
Now, after receiving thousands of messages of support, mum Christine Stephenson wants to use her experiences to create a "honest, heartwarming and humorous" film for mainstream television about autistic characters.
Staffordshire charity Caudwell Children devised the project after the mother of one of its autistic beneficiaries explained that living in a glass box was "a perfect metaphor" for the condition.
But people with Down's syndrome, and people with ADHD can also be autistic.
The National Autistic Society says autistic people can often find air travel an overwhelming experience due to large crowds, noise, invasive security checks and disruption to familiar routines.
Bahrain Autistic Society president Ahmed Abdul Hassan Al Shakar has urged leaders to intervene and making housing and school requests for autistic children a priority.
The National Autistic Society has also revealed that it has heard from families over how the new app has helped sufferers of the condition.
And the inquiry has found that lack of leadership, data and training within the NHS means autistic people are faced with significant obstacles in accessing healthcare.
Summary: The Social Affairs Ministry and the North Autism Center launched a national campaign Monday to help families with autistic children.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A total of 36,000 autistic children from poor families now receive rehabilitation aid, according to China's Disabled Persons' Federation (CDPF) on Saturday.
A PS10m research programme is to investigate why autistic adults are dying decades before their time.
ABU DHABI A woman's initiative is opening new vistas of fun and social inclusion for autistic children in Abu Dhabi.
Autism and the Stress Effect: A 4-Step Lifestyle Approach to Transform Your Child's Health, Happiness and Vitality provides an approach the whole family can use to change their lifestyle to better support the autistic child, and offers insights into nutrition, managing environment, and how to help a child cope with life's pressures.
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