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(psychiatry) an abnormal absorption with the self

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I believe there will likely end up being hundreds of genes that lead to an increased risk of developing autism," Nelson said.
Consulting a large database, the researchers obtained genetic information from members of 204 families in which one or more children had autism.
The symptoms of autism just happen to emerge at the about the same time as recommended vaccinations are given.
This research study has three goals: (1) to discover Kuwaiti special education teachers' attitudes toward students with autism, (2) to update and educate Kuwaiti special education teachers with regard to autism, (3) to suggest recommendations for the future.
I recently participated in a Brookings Institution roundtable discussion about the history of autism and where we are today.
The focus of the ACE must be on the causes and best treatment of autism (as listed in the autism research matrix hrtp://www.
People with autism typically lack the understanding that continued struggling may require officers to use a higher level of force to restrain them.
The study shows the symptoms of mercury poisoning were virtually the same as those in autism disorders.
It is this history of the effectiveness of CM with psychological and neurological disorders that provides a basis for the effective treatment of Autism.
Autism is one of a family of developmental disorders that influences social, communication, and vocational abilities.
Through the campaign, Audax Health will donate one dollar to Autism Speaks for every person who registers for Careverge (www.
7 million over the past six years to support Autism Speaks, the world's leading autism science and advocacy organization.
com)-- The global autism community, Deal With Autism[R], supports their sole mission to assist people dealing and coping with Autism by introducing the very first Autism Test Online Web Centre.
Kennedy Krieger Institute recently announced the launch of the Interactive Autism Network (IAN)--the first national online autism registry--at www.