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Also, the efforts put in by those who do not reach this authorship level cannot be taken for granted.
Transgressions relating to authorship can stem simply from a lack of awareness, and possibly confusion, about what constitutes authorship and the associated criteria that need to be met.
Like the revisions of authorship Widiss finds earlier in the study, repeated viewings of a film locate the persistence of authorship in the ongoing, unsatisfied search for the author.
The case law discussed in Part i highlights manifold problems relating to absent, multiple and asynchronous authorship in relation to CGM.
For journals and editors, Israel agreed with Leung that writing authorship definitions into journal instructions for authors is important.
In addition, we have revised our policies on changes to the authorship list.
The two end points of authorship, first and last authors, are traditionally reserved for the primary (first) author and senior author (mentor), respectively.
144) And because the Copyright Act's definition of "joint work" speaks of "a work prepared by two or more authors," courts have denied joint authorship to idea-contributors on the basis of this definition of "author.
8) in a research conducted in a faculty of medicine, found that a percentage of the students who had graduated considered as authorship criterion that of obtaining the financial support to carry out the research.
Honorary and ghost authorship appears to be an issue in the profession of nursing.
The objectives of the present study are as follows: to study contributions by year and issue; to study growth of authors by year; to examine authorship patterns by year and issue; to study author productivity; to study authorship by country; to identify most prolific contributors; to identify degree of author collaboration.
Behrooz Astaneh was the first speaker who talked about various types of ethics misconduct and mentioned authorship disputes conflict of interest double submissions and redundant publications besides plagiarism data fabrication and data falsification.
Several reasons have been offered to explain this authorship growth, including increased researcher collaboration, honorary authorship driven by increased pressures for funding and promotion, the belief that including senior authors will facilitate publication, and the growing complexity of medical research.
Google Authorship has been fully retired after a 3-year run.
8) We reject this model of legislative authorship root and branch.