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Section 582, FAA, authorizes the President to furnish, on such terms and conditions as the President may determine, assistance in order to carry out the purposes in above Section 581.
Section 585, FAA, authorizes the appropriation for the Nonproliferation and Export Control Program assistance authorized by new Section 582, FAA.
Section 302 authorizes the appropriation of $2,000,000 both in FY2001 and FY2002 for the purpose of Nonproliferation and Export Control assistance, authorized by the new above Section 582, FAA, for the training and education of personnel from friendly countries in the U.
Section 303(a) authorizes $59,000,000 during FY200l and $65,000,000 during FY2002 from the authorized funding in the above new Section 585, FAA, to be available for science and technology centers in the independent states of the former Soviet Union.
Section 304, likewise, authorizes $5,000,000 during FY2001 from the authorized funding in the above new Section 585, FAA, to be available to establish a static cargo x-ray facility in Malta.
Section 401 authorizes the appropriation for Antiterrorism assistance authorized by Section 574(a), FAA.
Section 601 authorizes the President to transfer the following twelve ships within two years of enactment of this Act:
Section 602 authorizes the value of the eight ships transferred on a grant basis not to count towards the aggregate annual limitation of $425,000,000 imposed by Section 516(g), FAA.
Section 605 authorizes the appropriation to the Defense Vessels Transfer Program Account such funds as may be necessary to cover the costs (as defined in Section 502, Congressional Budget Act of 1974, 2 U.
However, Section 705(b) authorizes the transfer of Stinger missiles to any country on the Persian Gulf in order to replace, on a one-to-one basis, missiles previously furnished if the missiles being replaced are nearing the scheduled expiration of their shelf-life.
Section 707 authorizes the use of DoD funding to pay for the PCH&T of grant EDA transfers to Mongolia in accordance with Section 516, FAA, during FY2001 and FY2002.
106-280, 6 October 2000, also authorizes the same lease-sale transfers.
Section 602 authorizes the use of FY200l Economic Support Fund (ESF) bilateral assistance funding [also Title II, P.
Section 1302 authorizes the appropriation of $443,400,000 for fiscal year 2001 for the Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) programs to be available for obligation for three fiscal years and may not be more than the following amounts for the specified programs:
Section 8009 authorizes the use of funds earlier appropriated within Title II to be obligated for humanitarian and civic assistance costs pursuant to 10 U.