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an authority who authorizes (people or actions)


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Taken as a whole these policy recommendations are a loud statement that charter schools, parents, and community leaders across the country should have access to a quality authorizer - rigorous, objective, and professional - with its own clear mandate for performance expectations.
However, when an account is past due, overextended, invalid, or shows a change of address, the computer generates an inquiry message, and the transaction is referred to a credit authorizer The authorizer, located in a central office, retrieves the customer's credit records and payment history-usually obtained from credit bureaus and reporting agencies--on a computer terminal, and quickly evaluates this information to determine whether or not the purchase should be approved.
The report recommends several solutions including that legislators and policymakers address these barriers by providing equitable and adequate special education funding to charter schools and authorizers through a system that prioritizes accountability, local control, and responsiveness to evolving needs of students.
They foster a positive authorizing relationship with one authorizer and are thereby able to serve thousands of students in unique and creative ways.
City and state leaders can accomplish this by ensuring that charter authorizers are paying attention to recruitment and admission practices, by ensuring that schools are getting their fair share of funding, by giving charter schools access to excellent special-education expertise and networks, and by promoting innovative new approaches through grants and charter-district partnerships.
That figure is $375 more per student than what the local charter authorizer, Jefferson Elementary School district, expects to provide its traditional schools, which causes some scholars on charters and school finance, such as Luis Huerta of Teachers College, Columbia University, to question assertions by some that virtual schools provide a comprehensive education at a lower average cost than traditional schools.
If this legislation becomes law, it will provide much needed competition to the district and eliminate the conflict of interest that often comes into play with the LAUSD as both the authorizer of and competitor to charter schools.
Tenders are invited for La Charter School and Local Charter Authorizer App.
C, 39 have either been revoked by the city's authorizer or relinquished by the charter holder.
schools, the initial petition submitted to the authorizer must identify
In Indiana, the largest authorizer is Ball State University, which has chartered 39 of Indiana's charter schools (IDOE, 2012).
New Mexico was one of only a handful of states that don't require a written performance contract between the school and its authorizer.
With regards to the first, she primarily seeks to describe how the Foreign Languages Press functioned as a translation employer, promoter, and authorizer from her own perspective as a short-term employee and late translation consumer.
We are already the leading authorizer of charter schools in the country - we also need to lead with our policies and practices," said Jose Cole Gutierrez, LAUSD's executive director of charter schools.