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Synonyms for authorized

Synonyms for authorized

endowed with authority

sanctioned by established authority

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The enquiries will be held against Managing Committee of Ministry of Interior Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Raja Ali Akbar and others; second inquiry was authorized against Dr.
Accordingly, authorized dealers were expected to provide maximum facilitation to the individuals in such remittances by following the prescribed procedures.
Since launching the CBAC Authorized Lender program in October 2005, CBA Commercial has established partnerships with more than 75 lenders.
Authorized a new program of educational assistance to members of the Selected Reserve, providing varying amounts of aid depending on the length of time mobilized
Lawfully authorized electronic surveillance is crucial to effective law enforcement, but it is used sparingly.
Authorized users have a choice of payment methods including government purchase cards, government or commercial checks, commercial credit cards, and online electronic versions of the more traditional MILSTRIP (Military Standard Requisition and Issue Procedures) forms.
This Section and Section 620(q), FAA, does not apply to funds made available for any narcotics-related assistance for Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru authorized by the FAA or the AECA.
The bill extends the present law attorney-client privilege of confidentiality to tax advice that is furnished by any individual who is authorized to practice before the Internal Revenue Service, acting in a manner consistent with State law for such individual's profession, to a client-taxpayer (or potential client-taxpayer) in any noncriminal proceeding before the Internal Revenue Service.
An appointed representative may still substitute a representative or delegate authority; however, such an act now must be authorized on the power of attorney.
An overview of the authorized generics landscape, including drivers and resistors for both branded and generics players.
Toshiba's association with network assessment leader, Apparent Networks, provides our Authorized dealers with another means to ensure successful VoIP implementations when migrating customers," said Richard Wierzbowski, Director Telecommunication Operations, Toshiba of Canada Limited.
1% authorized return on equity (ROE) and compares to the company's request for a 12% authorized ROE.
BOSTON -- The Board of Trustees of the Eaton Vance Senior Floating-Rate Trust (NYSE: EFR), Eaton Vance Floating-Rate Income Trust (NYSE: EFT) and Eaton Vance Senior Income Trust (NYSE: EVF) (the "Funds"), each a closed-end management investment company, has authorized each Fund to invest in foreign loans denominated in euros, British pounds, Swiss francs, and Canadian dollars (each an "Authorized Foreign Currency").
12, 2006 should read: The Board of Directors of ABM Industries Incorporated (NYSE:ABM) authorized the repurchase of up to two million shares of ABM's outstanding common stock at any time through October 31, 2007 (sted The Board of Directors of ABM Industries Incorporated (NYSE:ABM) authorized the repurchase of up to two million shares of ABM's outstanding common stock at any time through October 31, 2006).
When deciding whether to issue an authorized generic, pharmaceutical companies should consider three possible scenarios.