authority figure

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someone who is regarded as an authority by someone else

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If I do not see or agree with the reason for doing something that an authority figure tells me to do, I will not do it.
That action also is supported by the Standing Committee on Advertising, which voted in December to recommend that lawyers no longer be allowed to use actors portraying police and other authority figures. Past actions by the Bar and advertising committee permitted the use of actors portraying police since 2006.
If an authority figure reinforces the positive behaviour showed by the models via the vicarious contact, it should increase the impact that such information will have in the future.
He was an authority figure, a senior policeman, a man she looked up to, and her father's friend."
The authority figure is supposed to be able to say, "We have talked and now we must act.
In preparation for bioterrorism and other disasters, school counselors can provide counseling and guidance lessons on managing anxiety and cooperating with authority figures. Third, ASCA states that the delivery system includes systems support of collaborating with administrators.
Many professions, but especially medicine, emphasize the need for control, the need to appear to be an authority figure with all the answers.
Stanley Milgram upped the ante in 1974 by studying obedience to a malevolent authority figure. In his notorious work, an experimenter relentlessly ordered participants to deliver what they thought were ever-stronger electrical shocks to an unseen person whose moans and screams could be heard.
But looking an authority figure (that would be your parental figure) straight in the eye can seem threatening.
For example ,the half pig mask represents the boss, police, or any authority figure with pig-like habits.
Positive effects of this interaction appear to be a decrease in the level of anxiety with an accompanying increase in comfort level while communicating traumatic events to an adult authority figure as well as the softening of the child's harsh life experience."
No traditional patriarchs, these--the `90s-era CEO combined the silver-templed authority figure of old with an appropriately up-to-date "out-of-the-box" image derived from Silicon Valley: reliable old dad and "edgy" young rebel wrapped into one.
She does this for the same reasons that Janie embraces risk throughout the novel: No matter how much Janie tries to save Joe, the authority figure, and protect herself, and no matter how capable she may be of speaking to the genuine needs of her immediate, disempowered community, there simply is no way to alter the contexts of her reception except--possibly--across time.
Kristeva) from the female to the male completes the narrator's transfer of identification, always problematic and conflictive, from the mal e authority figure toward the helpless and mistreated.
According to Calvano (1985), low achievers tended to require tactual experiences for learning and needed mobility and an authority figure presence nearby while learning.
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