authority figure

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someone who is regarded as an authority by someone else

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The style that parents used to rear their children had a direct influence on whether those children perceived their parents as legitimate authority figures.
When I described him as "the grand old man of English criticism and the authority figure around whom pivots this strange dance of old-school studio artists and new-media practioners," I meant that as recognition of his current importance to a scene over which he has presided for some fifty years.
Through this parody of the Second Coming, Reed ridicules white justice by equating it with the process of bodily elimination, and he mocks the notion of racial superiority deriving from any identification of white authority figures with Christ.
That means they want to impress authority figures who might help or protect them later; they also want to maintain relationships at all cost.
In the early plays, the black male head of the household is the absent, unquestionable authority figure.
In contrast to the way players vote each other off, or are eliminated by an authority figure, in "Solitary" it was the individual's choice if they wanted to continue to play on.
Washington, Dec 19 (ANI): Replicating a nearly 50-year-old controversial behavioural experiment, a social psychologist has found that people, when urged by an authority figure, can go to the extent of administering painful electric shocks to others.
His black uniform cap was sitting on the desk in front of him, exposing a thick mane of hair that had long since turned gray and made him look every bit the part of a man who recently turned 53 and is completely comfortable in his position as authority figure to a group of promising young athletes.
It is through a similar shared-but-subjective process that the dollar becomes a valuable token instead of a pretty piece of paper, that a policeman becomes an authority figure instead of a man in a funny blue suit.
The facial expressions show a parallel shift - from obedient attention through detached recognition to matter-of-fact acknowledgment of an invisible authority figure.
Positive redirection immediately applied; sometimes a sharp wake-up reprimand is warranted for the parent(s), either from a friend, neighbor, family member, or authority figure.
The manuscript contains painted miniatures of 36 women, the Musicians of Death and a Parisian authority figure in academic regalia; each illustration is accompanied by a two-part poem in which Death addresses its intended victim and the woman responds.
Too many children are growing up in households where there is no authority figure.
Kant - Damisch's other authority figure - was obliged by his analysis of beauty to abstract from it any concern with sexuality, since beauty is by his definition disinterested, whereas sexual desire is surely the paradigm of having an interest in someone's body.
A character actor frequently cast in authority figure roles, he was the lead in TV series ``Philip Marlowe: Private Eye'' and won an Emmy for his portrayal of the suicidal cult leader in ``Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones.