authority figure

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someone who is regarded as an authority by someone else

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That action also is supported by the Standing Committee on Advertising, which voted in December to recommend that lawyers no longer be allowed to use actors portraying police and other authority figures.
The style that parents used to rear their children had a direct influence on whether those children perceived their parents as legitimate authority figures.
The authority figure is supposed to be able to say, "We have talked and now we must act.
Because superb organizations are not run by authority figures who are expected to have all the answers; they are run by a number of people who all have good ideas, who are needed in many ways, and who can hurt the organization.
Laboratory studies in the 1950s and 1960s laid the groundwork for the Stanford Prison Experiment by probing volunteers' conformity in the face of social pressure, chilling obedience to cruel authority figures, and unwillingness to aid needy strangers.
El Salvador," which translates to mean the savior, espouses the concept of self-salvation and keeping one's life in control, while "Damage Control" lashes out at repressive authority figures.
According to Calvano (1985), low achievers tended to require tactual experiences for learning and needed mobility and an authority figure presence nearby while learning.
Many see me as an authority figure and come to me with their complaints, which gives me an edge when dealing with a crisis.
The seniors give the students an anchor of sorts," she explains, noting that they serve as nonjudgmental sounding boards, with students often finding it easier to confide in their mentors than in a parent or other authority figure.
Listen, you big, pompous blowhard," we've all yelled into the face of some authority figure at least once in our dreams as we jabbed a rigid index finger into the offender's chest, "you're absolutely, completely and totally wrong.
This will, we believe, make for a more compassionate and flexible society, as we strive to meet each other where we're at, without any authority figure trying to tell anyone else where to float.
Brown grapples with whether her complicity in the brutalities was out of a desire for revenge or to discipline Panther men into accepting her as the authority figure in the Party.
What if, in completing some errand on a Friday, I run into an authority figure from work who assumed that I was sick in bed?
That had generally been allowed in ads as long as there was a disclaimer that the authority figure was an actor, not a real policeman, nurse, or paramedic.
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