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Synonyms for authoritatively

in an authoritative and magisterial manner

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References in classic literature ?
"Enough, gentlemen, enough!" Zverkov cried, authoritatively.
Mehevi shortly after rose to depart; but before he went he spoke authoritatively to one of the natives whom he addressed as Kory-Kory; and from the little I could understand of what took place, pointed him out to me as a man whose peculiar business thenceforth would be to attend upon my person.
"Say 'Miss Smith,'" the librarian stated authoritatively. "Say
Royce," Gilder had called out authoritatively. "I shall arrest you for assault."
By the above definition of what a whale is, I do by no means exclude from the leviathanic brotherhood any sea creature hitherto identified with the whale by the best informed Nantucketers; nor, on the other hand, link with it any fish hitherto authoritatively regarded as alien.
"I'll speak to you after all's over," said Father Dennis authoritatively in Dan's ear.
"Be quiet, Maggie," he said authoritatively, pushing her aside.
Though circumstances surrounding the incident still remain sketchy as of the time of filing this report, Tribune Online authoritatively gathered that the sad incident occurred around 6.15pm near Gbodofon bridge, Osogbo on the stretch of Gbongan-Ibadan expressway.
"The letters cannot be authoritatively confirmed to have been issued by the KDF and we have handed the owners of the letters to the civil police to carry out investigations," Ong'oi said.
London, Oct.30 (ANI): French and Barcelona star Thierry Henry is considered the most influential player in the world now, and his statistics authoritatively prove it.
Authoritatively carrying listeners through the intricacies and evolution of the adolescent mindset and the modern mentality of teens, Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy offers such chapters as The Adolescent Brain; Peer Influence And Your Child; New-Millennium Parents; Parental Self-Examination; The Ten Commandments of Parenting Your Teen; Drugs (The Do's And Don'ts); Sex And Dating (What You Need To Know); and much more.
"Peter's got a string on him" he said authoritatively.
The Julio Canani-trained daughter of Storm Cat powered clear of the Sheikh Mohammed-owned Balletto from halfway up the straight to win authoritatively, with Runway Model third.
In the vanguard of this movement is Harry Christophers, personably but authoritatively drawing from his tiny band of accomplished musicians a reading which pulsates with life.
Lindert and Williamson concede that the research done so far cannot authoritatively isolate increased international trade (one of the defining characteristics of "globalization") from all other factors as the cause of rising incomes.