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Synonyms for authoritarianism

a political doctrine advocating the principle of absolute rule

Synonyms for authoritarianism

a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc

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Coming back to Turkey, one should never forget that the AKP rose to power not by promising authoritarian rule but by claiming to have abandoned Islamism and by promising full respect for basic rights and freedoms, an end to Kemalist authoritarianism and adoption of European Union criteria.
Why did Turkish voters reject authoritarianism at a time when its appeal still seems strong in other places?
Capital can never be completely secure under authoritarianism and, as such, Chinese and Russian capitalists are scrambling for security abroad.
His recent book titled, Ruling Russia: Authoritarianism from The Revolution to Putin, essentially consists of abstract constructs that force the messy, tragic Soviet/Russian political past into Western a priori categories, all-too-neat geometric designs --Zimmerman's "stamps" (with, granted, perforations).
Combining formal game-theoretic models, analysis of original cross-national datasets and an impressive array of short illustrative case-studies, he gives new insights into many of the key questions which occupy scholars of comparative authoritarianism.
Baghdad/ NINA/-- Speaker Osama Najafi, described the assassination of the candidate if Iraqiya Slate for Diyala province, Najm al-Harbi as a blatant targeting of national symbols and attempt to make silent the combating voices against injustice, corruption and authoritarianism He demanded in a statement the security apparatus in Diyala to "open an immediate and urgent investigation and give quick results and clear statement of the reasons for its inability to protect citizens and the national symbols.
The absolute power of the president may transform into authoritarianism and dictatorship, the President said.
Offe argued that there is a tendency for authoritarianism special for Central and South-Eastern Europe.
Another influx of studies pointed to various reasons for the persisting authoritarianism that ranged from the structure of political, social, and religious institutions to political socialization, and to the prevailing political economy of the region.
Summary: On his official twitter account, former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed ElBaradei stated on Saturday "Egyptians sacrificed their lives for freedom and dignity not for military or religious authoritarianism nor for tyranny of any one majority.
Chapter 1, "Reconsidering Democratization in the Arab World," focuses on types of Arab regimes, the basis of authoritarian rule, the culture of authoritarianism, and democracy as counter-hegemony.
The argument throughout centers on nation-state policy, or lack thereof, that attacks the "wicked" problem of authoritarianism by, as a colleague of mine has dubbed it, "wiring the world.
These mechanisms illuminate why strong states are even better institutional backstops for authoritarian durability than ruling parties, despite the far greater attention paid to parties (and, relatedly, elections and parliaments) in the literature on authoritarianism.
Although these data, considered together, are strongly suggestive, they alone do not provide very convincing evidence of higher authoritarianism in the Southern states.
Punks are anti-authority, mainly, and religion is seen by punks as one of the principal sources of authoritarianism.