authoritarian state

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a government that concentrates political power in an authority not responsible to the people

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On the contrary, the authoritarian state in the country seems to be the main stumbling block not only for the development of civil society but also for the creation and sustenance of a democratic space.
Indeed, Kasza makes a compelling case for the roles played by the AMO in the resilience of authoritarian states and in the energy of domestic and international contests.
In turn, the concessions which have been granted will promote even greater popular expectations, as China evolves from a totalitarian to an authoritarian state.
and launched thorough investigations in an attempt to determine who was behind the act of political dissidence against the authoritarian state.
It is an extremely venomous feeling to see how this country has quickly transformed from one that once was negotiating in earnest accession negotiations with Brussels to one that is increasingly becoming another authoritarian state in the Middle East.
Factory workers Dmitry Konovalov and Vladislav Kovalyov, both 25, were arrested in their apartment shortly after the Belarus capital Minsk was hit by the worst attack in the authoritarian state s post-Soviet history on April 11.
Despite Pyongyang's identity as an authoritarian state with economic activity supposedly controlled by the government, private business and corrupt and illegal activities are reportedly emerging as the dominant means of getting ahead throughout the country.
Russia's emergence as an increasingly authoritarian state could impair US-Russian ability to co-operate on key international security issues, according to an analysis by a major foreign policy organisation.
In order to implement such a far-reaching vision, it is necessary to have the last two elements of Scott's formula, an authoritarian state and prostrate civil society.
While Petrone shows how the talk about elections, civil rights and welfare empowered citizens to use the document to fight local battles against state officials, why did an authoritarian state highlight the theme of civic participation?
The decline of the authoritarian state was further aided by Western intervention, particularly the United States which has actively supported selected Middle East regimes in the context of inter-Arab politics: Lebanon and Jordan against Nasser's regime; the Shah's Iran against Iraq; Kuwait against Iraq; Saudi Arabia against Egypt and Saddam Hussein's Iraq; Morocco against Algeria; North Yemen against South Yemen; Egypt against Libya, and of course, Israel against all regional states.
She argues that the new authoritarian state used the police to crush agrarian protest in order to protect the rights of the rural and urban elites.
While Kim, whose rule over the reclusive authoritarian state has been thought to be absolute, has acknowledged internal dissent in the past, it is often followed by the swift and brutal punishments of the alleged conspirators.
Iran is the prototype of this type of conventional authoritarian state.
They are threatened always by a destructively authoritarian state which would torture and burn them should they be exposed.