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Interim authorisation removes the risk that the ABA and its member banks would breach competition laws by agreeing to make, and implement, changes to the Banking Code.
Through Digitize.AI's new technology, Waystar's platform will take a unique approach to prior authorisation using machine learning and artificial intelligence to reduce administrative work.
Once you authenticate, you are then granted authorisation or permissions to perform certain allowed tasks.
Once the authorisation has been granted, it will be given an authorisation number and this number will appear on an updated material safety data sheet you should receive from your supplier.
With this authorisation, SEQR users can now send and receive money, worldwide, in real time, with SEQR also available for use by minors.
The authorisation has helped us to add to another feather to the cap.
However, several members of Congress have expressed more interest in debating and passing a new authorisation to fight ISIS militants who killed thousands in mass executions and beheaded foreign journalists.
The application for authorisation of Monsanto's MON810 pollen came after the EU Court of Justice ruled, in 2011, that even small traces of the pollen in honey must receive formal approval before the product can be sold on the EU market.
"By implementing the SMS alert systems, members are made aware of when we have logged the request and when we have responded to it - minimising the potential for confusion, and in the process, making it easier for members to follow up with medical service providers on authorisation requests," said Daman's chief information officer Peter Bauer.
This authority should involve those instances where the organisation is required to employ a person of Omani nationality and the authorisation should be approved by a person authorised to sign the authorisation which would then be valid for a period of one year.
Gilead submitted a Marketing Authorisation Application (MAA) for Hepsera on March 26, 2002 under the centralized procedure, with the French authorities serving as rapporteur and the Danish authorities acting as co-rapporteur.
The European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) delivers first vehicle authorisation three weeks after becoming European authorising entity for rail traffic in Europe.
All chemical substances have to be registered with ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) and substances of very high concern "SVHCs", such as CMRs (carcinogens, mutagens, reprotoxins) are required to be authorised and may not be used beyond their "sunset date" without authorisation. Annex XIV of REACH lists the substances which fall into this category.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 11, 2016-Seamless announces grant of authorisation to issue electronic money in Europe
Member states are prepared to review the process for the issuing of the necessary authorisation for registering rail vehicles but not at the price of a legal dressing down of national authorities.